The Lean Product Playbook: How To Innovate With Minimum Viable Products And Rapid Customer Feedback

  • 9h 54m 50s
  • Dan Olsen
  • Gildan Media
  • 2016

The Lean Product Playbook is a practical guide to building products that customers love. Whether you work at a startup or a large, established company, we all know that building great products is hard. Most new products fail. This book helps improve your chances of building successful products through clear, step-by-step guidance and advice.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Achieving Product-Market Fit with the Lean Product Process
  • Chapter 2: Problem Space versus Solution Space
  • Chapter 3: Determine Your Target Customer (Step 1)
  • Chapter 4: Identify Underserved Customer Needs (Step 2)
  • Chapter 5: Define Your Value Proposition (Step 3)
  • Chapter 6: Specify Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Feature Set (Step 4)
  • Chapter 7: Create Your MVP Prototype (Step 5)
  • Chapter 8: Apply the Principles of Great UX Design
  • Chapter 9: Test Your MVP with Customers (Step 6)
  • Chapter 10: Iterate and Pivot to Improve Product-Market Fit
  • Chapter 11: An End-to-End Lean Product Case Study
  • Chapter 12: Build Your Product Using Agile Development
  • Chapter 13: Measure Your Key Metrics
  • Chapter 14: Use Analytics to Optimize Your Product and Business
  • Chapter 15: Conclusion