The Lean Strategy: Using Lean to Create Competitive Advantage, Unleash Innovation, and Deliver Sustainable Growth

  • 9h 56m 33s
  • Daniel Jones, Jacques Chaize, Michael Ballé
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2018

A lean strategy is about gaining a competitive edge by offering better quality products at competitive prices and making a sustainable profit by eliminating waste through engaging employees in discovering deeper ways to think about their own jobs and smarter ways of working together. In its current form, lean has been radically effective, but its true powers have yet to be harnessed.

Lean Strategy harnesses that power and delivers a new way of creating value from lean. Leading lean experts address popular misconceptions about the basics of lean/TPS, showing the true purpose of tools, methods, and attitudes that leverage the intelligence of every employee doing the work. You'll learn how to think - and then act - differently, tapping the power of every person in your organization in a disciplined manner that generates unparalleled, sustainable success that is responsive to today's most pressing challenges.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Make Things Better
  • Chapter 2: Think Differently
  • Chapter 3: Lead from the Ground Up
  • Chapter 4: Framing for Learning
  • Chapter 5: Organize for Learning
  • Chapter 6: A New Formula for Growth
  • Chapter 7: Reusable Learning for Continuously Growing Value
  • Chapter 8: Accelerate the Gains
  • Chapter 9: From Kaizen to Innovation
  • Chapter 10: Change Your Mind


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