The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women

  • 4h 13m 30s
  • Elaine Brown, Marsha Haygood, Rhonda McLean
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2010

Rich with wisdom, this practical gem focuses on the building blocks of true leadership—self-confidence, effective communication, collaboration, and courage—while dealing specifically with stereotypes (avoid the Mammy Trap, and don’t become the Angry Black Woman) and the perils of self-victimization (don’t assume that every challenge occurs because you are black or female).

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 Always Consider Yourself a VIP
  • Chapter 2 To Attain Victory, Stay Positive
  • Chapter 3 Racism is No Excuse, but it Can Be a Motivator
  • Chapter 4 Don't Be the Office Mammy
  • Chapter 5 Use Your Duality to Built Strength
  • Chapter 6 Acknowledge That There is a Game and Accept That You Must Play
  • Chapter 7 What You Have to Say is Just as Important as What Others Have to Say, So speak Up
  • Chapter 8 Aretha Was Right: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Chapter 9 Listen Up! Understanding What's Said v. What's Meant
  • Chapter 10 Always Have a Plan of Action and Follow Through
  • Chapter 11 Don't Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You
  • Chapter 12 Developing Good Relationship with Co-Workers Has More Benefits That You Think
  • Chapter 13 Communicate Clearly in Person and on Paper
  • Chapter 14 Know Your Value
  • Chapter 15 To Measure Your Performance, Get Feedback
  • Chapter 16 Perception: It's Not Only about How You See Yourself
  • Chapter 17 Seek Guidance and Support
  • Chapter 18 Surround Yourself with the Right People: You Cannot Survive in Isolation
  • Chapter 19 Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
  • Chapter 20 Regardless of Your Position, Learn about Your Department, Your Company, and Your Industry
  • Chapter 21 Entitlement: Nobody Owes You Anything
  • Chapter 22 The Values You Were Raised with in Church Aren't Always Valued in Business
  • Chapter 23 Not Everyone Has to Be Your BFF
  • Chapter 24 Motivate Others by Playing Up Their Strengths
  • Chapter 25 Do Not Let Distraction (or a Difficult Boss) Throw You Off Course
  • Chapter 26 Always Try to Maintain Balance
  • Chapter 27 The N-Word: Networking
  • Chapter 28 Change is Inevitable, So Be Prepared
  • Chapter 29 Bring Your Brand to the Table: Blend into the Crowd While Still Being Yourself
  • Chapter 30 You Don't Need to Have All the Answers to Take Advantages of the Opportunities
  • Chapter 31 What You See is What You Create
  • Chapter 32 Use Conflict as an Opportunity to Solve Problems
  • Chapter 33 Don't Be Defeated by the Madness: Keep Your Sanity
  • Chapter 34 Know How to Create and Use Power
  • Chapter 35 No One Leadership Style Filts All: Know When to Mix it Up
  • Chapter 36 Coaches are Not Just for Athletes
  • Chapter 37 Celebrate Your Arrival at the C-Suite
  • Chapter 38 Maintain Your Seat at the Table: Here's What it Takes
  • Chapter 39 Seeing the Writing on the Wall
  • Chapter 40 Reach Back and Bring Others Along