The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World

  • 13h 3m 34s
  • Pedro Domingos
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2015

Under the aegis of machine learning in our data-driven machine age, computers are programming themselves and learning about - and solving - an extraordinary range of problems, from the mundane to the most daunting. Today it is machine learning programs that enable Amazon and Netflix to predict what users will like, Apple to power Siri's ability to understand voices, and Google to pilot cars. These programs are already helping us fight the war on cancer and predict the movements of the stock market, and they are making great headway with instant language translation and discovering new laws of nature.

But machine learning is incomplete, and its practitioners across the globe are seeking the most powerful algorithm of all. The Master Algorithm will not be limited to solving particular problems but will be able to learn anything and solve any problem, however difficult, and Pedro Domingos, a trailblazing computer scientist, is at the very forefront of the search for it. With the Master Algorithm in hand and data as its fuel, machine learning - essentially the automation of discovery, a kind of scientific method on steroids - will become the most powerful technology humanity has ever devised. And The Master Algorithm will be its bible.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 The Machine-Learning Revolution
  • Chapter 2 The Master Algorithm
  • Chapter 3 Hume's Problem of Induction
  • Chapter 4 How Does Your Brain Learn?
  • Chapter 5 Evolution: Nature's Learning Algorithm
  • Chapter 6 In the Church of the Reverend Bayes
  • Chapter 7 You Are What You Resemble
  • Chapter 8 Learning Without a Teacher
  • Chapter 9 The Pieces of the Puzzle Fall into Place
  • Chapter 10 This Is the World on Machine Learning


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