The MECE Muse: 100+ Selected Practices, Unwritten Rules, and Habits of Great Consultants

  • 8h 46m 10s
  • Christie Lindor
  • Gildan Media
  • 2018

Great consultants possess a je ne sais quoi that are equal parts confidence, passion, technical acumen, purpose, and charisma. Great consultants are authentically imperfect; they take life by the reins and forge ahead with certainty no matter how complex a situation is, in an almost effortless way. Great consultants are humble yet make everyone around them step their game up. Great consultants take care of their people. Clients thank good consultants; clients are wowed by great consultants.

Management consultant Christie Lindor has quietly been on a mission to be the mentor she wishes she had earlier in her consulting career. With 15 years of experience working at top management consulting firms, Christie is now sharing secrets of great consultants in this new consulting business audiobook.

Christie conducted research by connecting with more than 50 top consulting partners across 27 consulting organizations on what makes a great consultant, including thought leadership from eight out of the top 10 consulting firms in the world. The MECE Muse is an insider's guide to consulting, providing invaluable insights and practical knowledge including unwritten rules, career strategies, in addition to interviews from top industry consulting leaders who relate their personal experiences and offer unique perspectives on building and maintaining a successful consulting career.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Make Manners Your Competitive Advantage
  • Chapter 2 - Boost Your Personal Brand as Low Hanging Fruit
  • Chapter 3 - Network to Unlock Any Door
  • Chapter 4 - Balance Life as a Consultant
  • Chapter 5 - Celebrate Moments with a Happy Hour
  • Chapter 6 - Commit to a Consulting Career
  • Chapter 7 - Make the Most of Downtime
  • Chapter 8 - Build a Consulting Career Toolkit That Lasts
  • Chapter 9 - Ramp Up on an Engagement
  • Chapter 10 - Make the Best of Life in the Team Room
  • Chapter 11 - Achieve Breakthroughs by Managing Relationships
  • Chapter 12 - Nail Your Deliverables Each and Every Time
  • Chapter 13 - Take Your Clients Along for the Journey
  • Chapter 14 - Manage Energy and Bandwidth Remarkably Well
  • Chapter 15 - Learn the Art of Influence, Pushback, and Negotiation
  • Chapter 16 - Roll Off with Grace
  • Chapter 17 - Shape Your Consulting Experience
  • Chapter 18 - Follow the Traditional Consulting Path
  • Chapter 19 - Explore Nontraditional Consulting Careers
  • Chapter 20 - Make Consulting Career Decisions That Matter
  • Chapter 21 - Prepare for Consulting of the Future