The New Employee Manual: A No-Holds-Barred Look at Corporate Life

  • 9h 37m 6s
  • Benjamin Gilad, Mark Chussil
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

The New Employee Manual is not your dad's or mom's employee manual. It's the new playbook for corporate survival, fitting today's realities and the challenges facing employees who join or work in large, seemingly successful companies. Those companies already issued very specific and detailed employee manuals covering everything under the sun except how to compete well in our brave new world.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 corporate dysfunction, competing as a skill, and you
  • Chapter 2 how to identify a corporate oop (overconfident oblivious person)
  • Chapter 3 job description vs. jobs
  • Chapter 4 training to compete
  • Chapter 5 the myth that customers matter
  • Chapter 6 big numbers, wrong numbers, more numbers, and sloppy thinking
  • Chapter 7 benchmarking: be just like them, only better
  • Chapter 8 the consequences of sloppy, lazy thinking
  • Chapter 9 the negative side of being positive
  • Chapter 10 what corporate obsesses and obsesses about
  • Chapter 11 who said anything about chapter 11?
  • Chapter 12 does corporate mean what it says?
  • Chapter 13 corporate burns money as it gets big and “fat”
  • Chapter 14 corporate overpromises
  • Chapter 15 does corporate do strategic due diligence?
  • Chapter 16 performance addiction: or, corporate wants results today
  • Chapter 17 circling the wagons is not a strategy
  • Chapter 18 corporate believes in magic formulas
  • Chapter 19 corporate filters inconvenient information
  • Chapter 20 can corporate heal itself?
  • Chapter 21 executive summary


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