The Polymath: Unlocking the Power of Human Versatility

  • 12h 40m 5s
  • Waqas Ahmed
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

Every human is born with multifarious potential. Why, then, do parents, schools, and employers insist that we restrict our many talents and interests - that we "specialize" in just one?

We've been sold a myth, that to "specialize" is the only way to pursue truth, identity, or even a livelihood. Yet specialization is nothing but an outdated system that fosters ignorance, exploitation, and disillusionment and thwarts creativity, opportunity, and progress.

Following a series of exchanges with the world's greatest historians, futurists, philosophers, and scientists, Waqas Ahmed has weaved together a narrative of history and a vision for the future that seeks to disrupt this prevailing system of unwarranted "hyper-specialization".

In The Polymath, Waqas shows us that there is another way of thinking and being. Through an approach that is both philosophical and practical, he sets out a cognitive journey towards reclaiming your innate polymathic state. Going further, he proposes nothing less than a cultural revolution in our education and professional structures, whereby everyone is encouraged to express themselves in multiple ways and fulfill their many-sided potential.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: A Timeless People
  • Chapter 3: Shapers of Our World
  • Chapter 4: The Cult of Specialisation
  • Chapter 5: Reconditioning the Mind
  • Chapter 6: An Alternative System
  • Chapter 7: Twenty-First-Century Polymaths
  • Chapter 8: Owners of Our Future