The Power of Evolved Leadership: Inspire Top Performance by Fostering Inclusive Teams

  • 7h 24m 55s
  • Barbara Hockfield, Stephen Young
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2024

Do you want to lead like a business professional—or a Neanderthal? This book breaks our millennia-old leadership mold to provide the skills for real lasting success in today's business world.

For too long, humans have been following others based largely on that person's sense of physical strength, appearance, and dominance. It's a model that dates back to the Neanderthals and which, incredibly, we continue to apply—consciously or not.

The Power of Evolved Leadership establishes a new standard for leadership. It shifts you away from a leadership profile of power, command, and control to move your toward the nuance of motivation, inspiration, and, most critically, the shedding of "ego." The author bases his perspective and methods on close studies and personal interviews of many of today's most successful leaders.

About the Author

Stephen Young is senior partner of Insight Education Systems, a top-tier management consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational development services. As former senior vice president and chief diversity officer at JPMorgan Chase, he managed the firm’s diversity strategy worldwide.

Barbara Hockfield is the executive managing director of Insight Education Systems. She has been a strategic advisor to many Fortune 100 companies. Her unique ability to achieve marketing results for her clients has yielded more than 60 coveted awards for outstanding innovation in strategic design and marketing effectiveness.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Setting the Stage
  • Chapter 2 - Leadership’s Natural Selection
  • Chapter 3 - Culture Takes Center Stage
  • Chapter 4 - Connective Communication
  • Chapter 5 - Authenticity Is Not the Goal
  • Chapter 6 - Is Humility Overrated?
  • Chapter 7 - Saving Face Versus Seeking Truth
  • Chapter 8 - The Paradox of Political Correctness
  • Chapter 9 - Value Protocols
  • Chapter 10 - Recruiting and Keeping Talented People
  • Chapter 11 - Axiological Skills for Evolved Leadership
  • Chapter 12 - 10 Actions for Inclusive Leadership
  • Epilogue: Do We Really Need Leaders at All?