The Primes: How Any Group Can Solve Any Problem

  • 4h 50m 41s
  • Chris McGoff
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

Discover fundamental principles of high-stakes change and organizational transformation.

The "primes" are universal and unavoidable patterns of group behavior that emerge whenever people attempt to transform systems or collaborate to solve complex problems. Every change agent has felt their effect, but few can recognize, anticipate, and manage them. Unacknowledged, the primes can put any leadership agenda at risk. Once mastered, the primes become a force that drives intended outcomes.

The Primes is a field manual for anyone ready to step up to serious challenges, predict and manage inevitable problems, create a brighter future, and produce extraordinary results.

An essential guide for 21st century problem solvers and change agents, The Primes unveils 46 universal secrets of how to:

  • Tackle complex problems successfully and deliver extraordinary results on time
  • Forge lasting consensus among competing interests and keep teams focused and productive
  • Recognize and eliminate the most destructive forces in an organization
  • Establish cultures of integrity

The Primes gives leaders the edge they need to succeed. Once the primes are revealed, you'll see them everywhere!

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Being Clear on What's Really Important
  • Chapter 2 - Being Intentional and Going First
  • Chapter 3 - Enrolling Others
  • Chapter 4 - Gaining Shared Perspective
  • Chapter 5 - Establishing Shared Intent
  • Chapter 6 - Taking Coordinated Action
  • Chapter 7 - Making Decisions
  • Chapter 8 - Building an Intentional Culture
  • Chapter 9 - Social Contracting and Accountability within the Group
  • Chapter 10 - Saying and Not Saying; Listening and Not Listening
  • Chapter 11 - Overcoming Resistance
  • Chapter 12 - Managing Intractable Dilemmas
  • Chapter 13 - Avoiding Tripping Hazards
  • Chapter 14 - Refusing to Hide Out
  • Chapter 15 - Avoiding Bright and Shiny Objects and Squirrels
  • Chapter 16 - Taking Great Care of Yourself