The Project Manager's MBA: How to Translate Project Decisions into Business Success

  • 10h 15m 8s
  • Dennis Cohen, Robert Graham
  • Gildan Media
  • 2017

Project managers are no longer judged by the technical success of their projects alone. They're also held accountable for their contributions to the company's financial goals. Yet most project managers don't have the business knowledge necessary to make project-based decisions that lead to bottom-line success. In this book, Dennis Cohen and Robert Graham, both former university professors and experienced project management consultants, provide the skills that, until now, could only be gained through a graduate degree and years of hands-on experience.

Cohen and Graham walk project managers through basic business concepts such as value creation, accounting and finance, strategy, and marketing. They connect these concepts to the decisions project managers face every day. And they make it easy to apply the resulting solutions on the job through a unique business systems calculator. Readers can use the online calculator in conjunction with the book to understand how different project variables affect business outcomes, to determine the overall impact of proposed project changes, and to evaluate the economic results of many decisions they make.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One: An Entrepreneurial Approach To Managing Projects
  • Chapter Two: Accounting And Finance Basics For The Project Management Entrepreneur
  • Chapter Three: Business Strategy—Where Are We Going And How Are We Going To Get There?
  • Chapter Four: Project Management Processes For Business Results
  • Chapter Five: Marketing And The Project Manager—Understanding The Customer And The Competition Too
  • Chapter Six: Project And Post-Project Costs
  • Chapter Seven: Why Finance Matters For Project Managers
  • Chapter Eight: Decision Making And The Business Systems Approach
  • Chapter Nine: The Project Venture Development Process