The Psychology of Nonverbal Vocabulary: How Make an Impact Using the 9 Aspects of Nonverbal Communication

  • 1h 25s
  • Larry Iverson
  • Made for Success
  • 2013

Becoming a great communicator doesn't happen by accident. Would knowing how to influence others to take action be of benefit to you? Do people ever misunderstand what you say? You can end that now. Learn the psychology of nonverbal language. Since over 90% of the communication meaning is not from the words themselves, make your vocabulary work even better through applying the power of the 9 core aspects of nonverbals. Psychologist, trainer and author Dr. Larry Iverson will guide you through exactly how to use these proven communication strategies, in this 'Psychology of Nonverbal Vocabulary' training session.

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  • Psychology Of Nonverbals Strategies For Making Your Communication More Effective