The Q-Loop: The Art & Science of Lasting Corporate Change

  • 6h 53m 2s
  • Brian Klapper
  • Gildan Media
  • 2013

The business environment has never been more fast-paced and competitive. Survival, let alone success, depends on an organization's ability to recognize possibilities, innovate, implement change, and sustain that transformation. Yet a paradox exists. How does an established organization filled with long-time employees, a deeply entrenched culture, and a history of drawn-out planning and development cycles become nimble, innovative, and responsive? In The Q-Loop Brian Klapper reveals the "art and science" of lasting transformation based on a proven, repeatable model. Learn how to unlock the potential of your organization's collective intelligence to create buy-in from top to bottom. The Q-Loop extracts the deep knowledge that resides with front line employees, breaks down their inherent resistance to change, and converts them into passionate advocates who are fully invested in leading the organization to achieve transformational results.

In this Audiobook

  • 1 Adapt or Atrophy
  • 2 Ideas—The Lifeblood of an Organization
  • 3 Launch Your Employees on an Idea Quest
  • 4 Focus on a Mandate and Form a Team of Heroes
  • 5 The Corporate Lab: The Art of the Possible
  • 6 A Scientific Method for Achieving Your Mandate
  • 7 Ignite a Wildfire of Pull
  • 8 A Story of Change