The Sales Agility Code: Deploy Situational Fluency to Win More Sales

  • 8h 1m 49s
  • Lisa Doyle, Michelle Vazzana
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2023

Develop the mental agility and razor-sharp decision making of today’s most successful salespeople

The world of sales has become less predictable and more competitive in recent years. Buying decisions are more complex, differentiation between suppliers is difficult to discern, and high-quality information is readily available. The salespeople who excel are agile―choosing a path based on the buying situations they face and continually re-assessing those choices.

In The Sales Agility Code, leaders at industry-leading sales training and development firm VantagePoint Performance help you learn and replicate what the highest-performing salespeople do to succeed in an unpredictable and ever-changing market. This groundbreaking, research-driven guide teaches you how to:

  • Shift to a buyer-focus perspective and assess customer situations from multiple perspectives
  • Make sense of buyers’ situations by considering and weighing all available data and your own insights
  • Choose a sales approach that aligns with the customer situation with your prioritized sales objective
  • Execute a variety of sales tactics that will move the sales opportunity forward
  • Make in-the-moment adjustments as the buyer’s situation evolves

With The Sales Agility Code, you have everything you need to understand the buyer, the buying situation, and the buyer’s needs so you can consciously choose the best approach for each stage in each deal―which will invariably result in more sales.

About the Author

Michelle Vazzana is Chief Strategy Officer and cofounder of VantagePoint Performance, a global sales training and development firm. A prolific researcher and popular speaker on the topic of sales leadership and sales agility, she has conducted the most extensive research to date on the topic of sales coaching practices. Vazzana has 35+ years of sales and leadership experience.

Lisa Doyle is Executive Vice President of Product Development and Customer Experience at VantagePoint Performance. With a strong background in organization development, instructional design, facilitation, and coaching, her focus is supporting individual success by helping to create clarity and strengthen decision making.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: The Death of the One-Size-Fits-All Approach and the Birth of an Agile Era
  • Chapter 1 - Chaos Is the New Normal
  • Chapter 2 - The Three Levels of Sales Agility and the Sales Agility Research Journey
  • Chapter 3 - Getting into the Buyer’s Mindset
  • Chapter 4 - Assessing the Buying Situation
  • Chapter 5 - Choosing, Planning, and Executing Sales Conversations Across the Buying Journey
  • Chapter 6 - Situational Agility and the Components of the Agility Enablement System
  • Chapter 7 - An Examination of Situational Intelligence
  • Chapter 8 - Situational Readiness
  • Chapter 9 - Fluency: The Most Important “F” Word in Sales
  • Chapter 10 - Assessing: Gathering Intelligence on the Buying Situation
  • Chapter 11 - Choosing and Executing Situational Sales Agility
  • Chapter 12 - Coaching Sales Agility
  • Chapter 13 - How Salespeople Become Experts
  • Chapter 14 - Gaining Precise Insights: The Role of Machine Learning