The Science of Influence: How to Inspire Yourself and Others to Greatness

  • 5h 56m 42s
  • Brian Tracy
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

One of the most crucial skills for everyone to develop is influence. Without it, human relations are ineffective at best, and disastrous at worst.

Whether you're trying to communicate your business idea to an investor, encourage your children to embrace your moral values, or break an addiction to endless web surfing - if you lack the skill of influence, you will be unable to convince yourself or anyone else.

The human mind is like a titanium lock. If you communicate poorly - through endless talking, inattentive listening, or over-the-top pressure - it's like spinning the numbers on the lock over and over uselessly. But if you develop the key skills of influence, it's like knowing the exact combination to that lock and gaining access to the consciousness of another person - or to your own.

This book provides the right combination to that highly guarded lock. It will show you the skills of influence. It will enable you to produce incredible results - happier personal relationships, more sales, more profitable partnerships, and an increased ability to hold yourself to commitments that are important to you.

In this Audiobook

  • Session One - What's So Special about Influence?
  • Session Two - The Top Ten Qualities of Influential People
  • Session Three - Influential Imposters
  • Session Four - Influence in the Digital Age
  • Session Five - Influence in Sales Profession
  • Session Six - Influence in Relationships