The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership

  • 10h 48m 34s
  • Bill Walsh, Craig Walsh, Steve Jamison
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2009

Bill Walsh was perhaps the most influential and successful coach in NFL history, transforming the San Francisco 49ers from the worst franchise in sports to a dynasty that won five Super Bowls. He is acclaimed not only for his strategic brilliance but also for his advanced approach to leadership. His teams sustained a consistency of excellence rarely seen in sports or anywhere else.

Drawn from a series of deeply revealing conversations with coauthor Steve Jamison, The Score Takes Care of Itself offers Walsh's best leadership principles illustrated by anecdotes from his entire career. Additional insights and perspective are provided by his son Craig Walsh.

In this Audiobook

  • How to Know If You're Doing the Job
  • Coaches aren't Supposed to Cry: Survive One Minute at a Time
  • My Standard of Performance: High Requirements for Actions and Attitudes
  • An Organization Has a Conscience
  • Specifics of My New Standards
  • The Prime Directive was Not Victory
  • The Top Priority is Teaching
  • Winners Act Like Winners (Before They're Winners)
  • Seek to Be Near the Summit
  • Establishing Your Standard of Performance
  • How I Avoid Becoming a Victim of Myself
  • THE WALSH WAY - The Organization Man
  • Opportunity is in the Eye of the Beholder
  • The West Coast Offense: From Checkers to Chess
  • Lessons of the Bill Walsh Offense
  • Welcome Skeptics to Your Team
  • Share the Glory
  • Write Your Own Script for Success: Flying by the Seat of Your Pants (Is No Way to Travel)
  • Control What You Can Control: Let the Score Take Care of Itself
  • Protect Your Blind Side: The Leadership Two-Step: Move/Countermove
  • The Archaeology of Leadership: Seek Reward in the Ruins
  • THE WALSH WAY - The Problem Solver
  • “I am the Leader!”
  • The Common Denominator of Leadership: Strength of Will
  • Be Wrong for the Right Reasons
  • Protect Your Turf
  • Be a Leader—Twelve Habits Plus One
  • Sweat the Right Small Stuff: Sharp Pencils Do Not Translate into Sharp Performance
  • Good Leadership Percolates Down
  • Nameless, Faceless Objects
  • The Rules May Change, But the Game Goes on: I Strike Out the First Time, Not the Second
  • You Must Have a Hard Edge
  • The Inner Voice vs. the Outer Voice
  • Montana's Leadership by Example: Cool, Calm, and Collected
  • Don't Let Anybody Call You a Genius
  • The Leverage of Language
  • Don't Beat Around the Bush (When Describing a Bush)
  • Don't Mistake Grabbin' for Tackling
  • Communication Creates Collaboration: Big Ears are Better Than Big Egos
  • Be a King without a Crown
  • Create Uncertainty
  • Play with Poise
  • Teaching Defines Your Leadership
  • The Thrill of Teaching
  • THE WALSH WAY - The House Cleaner
  • Money Talks. Treating People Right Talks Louder.
  • You're as Good as Your Good People
  • The Over and Under: The Art of Managing Confidence
  • The Under: Strive to Be a One-Point Underdog
  • Seek Character. Beware Characters.
  • A Big Cheer for a Big Ego
  • The Bottom 20 Percent May Determine Your Success
  • Avoid the Dance of the Doomed
  • Use the Four Most Powerful Words
  • Extreme Effort Requires Extreme Prudence
  • The Bubba Diet: You Can't Transplant Willpower
  • “Conventional Wisdom” is an Oxymoron
  • Make Friends, Not Enemies: Al Davis, Howard Cosell, and Monday Night Football
  • Hold on Until Help Arrives: Keep Your Boss in the Loop
  • Keep Your Eye on the Ball
  • Make Your Own Mentors: A PhD from the University of Paul Brown, et al.
  • THE WALSH WAY - The Fog Cutter
  • How You Get Good: No Mystery to Mastery
  • Sine Qua Non: Your Work Ethic—What William Archibald Walsh Taught His Son
  • The Perfection of the Puzzle
  • The Gladiator Mentality: Get Your Mind Right
  • I Never Sang “The Star-Spangled Banner”
  • My Strengths?
  • Unleash Mentors: Tell Your Team to Teach
  • Don't Do unto Others (What Paul Brown Did unto Me)
  • Nine Steps for a Healthy Heart
  • Seriously, Don't Be Too Serious
  • The Last Word on Getting in the Last Word
  • Thinly Sliced Baloney (Can Make a Good Sandwich)
  • Surprising News Regarding the Element of Surprise
  • Don't Delay Delegating (Famous Last Words: “I'll Do it Myself”)
  • Cut Your Losses Before They Cut You
  • Look Below the Surface: There's More Than Meets the Eye
  • A Pretty Package Can't Sell a Poor Product
  • Zero Points for Winning (Means You're Losing)
  • What Do I Miss Least?
  • What Do I Miss Most?
  • Quick Results Come Slowly: The Score Takes Care of Itself
  • THE WALSH WAY - A Complex Man. A Simple Goal.


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