The Secret of Culture Change: How to Build Authentic Stories That Transform Your Organization

  • 7h 11m 40s
  • Carlos Júlio, Jay B. Barney, Manoel Amorim
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2023

Find out how bold actions by visionary leaders can inspire powerful stories that drive culture change.

Data indicates that most strategic efforts to change a company's culture fail. So how do companies succeed in this endeavor?

A top strategy professor and two highly successful CEOs found that, in companies that had successfully changed their culture, leaders had taken dramatic actions that embodied the new cultural values. These actions inspired stories that became company legends, repeated in every department and handed on to new employees.

Through compiling and analyzing 150 stories from business leaders who have achieved change, they identified 6 attributes that every successful culture change story has in common:

  1. The actions are authentic
  2. They revolve around the CEO
  3. They signal a clean break with the past, and a clear path to the future
  4. They appeal to employee heads and hearts
  5. They're often theatrical or dramatic
  6. They're told, and re-told, throughout the organization

With extensive and inspiring examples of stories containing these attributes, the authors illustrate how readers can harness the power of stories within their company in order to change or create a winning culture to align with any strategy.

About the Author

Jay B. Barney is one of the top three most cited scholars in the field of strategic management, who has published over 125 articles and book chapters, along with 7 books. He is a full-time professor at Eccles School of Management at the University of Utah.

Manoel Amorim is a serial CEO, whose most visible culture transformation project was celebrated in a Harvard Business School case (Telesp). He led 4 publicly traded companies and has been a Board Director several times in 6 different countries.

Carlos Julio was previously CEO of HSM, one of the largest management training companies in the world. He is now a full-time professional speaker and author of 9 books that have total sales of over 300,000 copies in Latin America and Europe.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One - Building Stories to Change Your Organization’s Culture
  • Chapter Two - Why Culture Change Is Different
  • Chapter Three - Building Authentic Stories
  • Chapter Four - Star in Your Own Story
  • Chapter Five - Stories That Break with the Past, with a Path toward the Future
  • Chapter Six - Build Stories for the Head and Heart
  • Chapter Seven - Story Building as Theater
  • Chapter Eight - Creating a Story Cascade
  • Chapter Nine - Making Culture Change Stick
  • Chapter Ten - How to Build Your Own Culture-Changing Stories