The Self-Aware Leader: Play to Your Strengths, Unleash Your Team

  • 3h 7m 10s
  • John C. Maxwell
  • HarperCollins Leadership
  • 2021

Lack of self-awareness is the single greatest obstacle leaders face in their development, effectiveness, and advancement. Dr. John C. Maxwell will help any leader become more self-aware, focused, and confident.

With fifty years of leading and teaching experience, influential leadership expert and speaker John C. Maxwell can help you become your best leadership self.

In The Self-Aware Leader, Maxwell teaches you how to:

  • gauge your effectiveness as a leader,
  • make better choices that lead to success,
  • discover and correct your own mistakes,
  • improve your leadership with the team, and
  • make the right trades in your career.

Self-awareness is key for new and seasoned leaders who want to avoid micro-managing, handle criticism with grace, and give others the credit they deserve. Maxwell also aims to help current and new managers looking to identify their strengths, become a better learner, and improve listening skills.

When leaders don’t see themselves clearly, understand their strengths and weaknesses, or recognize their negative interactions with their team, they limit their influence and undermine their own effectiveness. What’s the solution? Become a self-aware leader.

About the Author

John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker who has sold more than 33 million books in fifty languages. He has been identified as the #1 leader in business and the most influential leadership expert in the world. His organizations - the John Maxwell Company, The John Maxwell Team, EQUIP, and the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation - have translated his teachings into seventy languages and used them to train millions of leaders from every country of the world. A recipient of the Horatio Alger Award, as well as the Mother Teresa Prize for Global Peace and Leadership from the Luminary Leadership Network, Dr. Maxwell influences Fortune 500 CEOs, the presidents of nations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. For more information about him visit

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Become Good at Leading Yourself
  • Chapter 2 - Know and Work Within Your Strengths
  • Chapter 3 - Put Your Team Ahead of Your Own Career Advancement
  • Chapter 4 - Look at Yourself When People Quit
  • Chapter 5 - Listen More than Talk
  • Chapter 6 - Handle Criticism with Grace
  • Chapter 7 - Admit Your Mistakes and Learn from Them
  • Chapter 8 - Stop Micromanaging People and Start Managing Your Priorities
  • Chapter 9 - Become the Best Learner in the Room
  • Chapter 10 - Judge Your Leadership by the Success of Your Team
  • Chapter 11 - Take the Longer Road that Leads to Higher Leadership
  • Chapter 12 - Credit Other for Your Success
  • Conclusion


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