The Simple Shift: How Useful Thinking Changes the Way You See Everything

  • 1h 37m 51s
  • Chris Helder
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Reframe challenges as opportunities, not obstacles.

There is a mountain of hype around positive thinking. But have you noticed that positive thinking doesn't, well, work? That's because positivity is just an emotion, and at the end of the day it doesn't change the reality of the situations we face. The Simple Shift turns positive thinking on its head and transforms it into something practical - a way of adopting beliefs that can change the way you see reality and make major obstacles into easily resolvable issues.

This audiobook helps you develop the self-awareness to know when and how your thoughts are holding you back. Instead of just trying to ignore negative thoughts or pretend that problems don't exist, why not actually change them, using useful thinking? Control your perception and start to turn your life around with The Simple Shift.

This audiobook provides a clear and practical path for retraining your brain to see opportunities rather than obstacles. It's not about putting on rose-coloured glasses and pretending that problems don't exist. Rather, you can choose to train your mindset towards what is useful, guiding you to better outcomes in life, love, and work.

In this Audiobook

  • Transformation Doesn't Usually Work
  • Positive Thinking Doesn't Really Work
  • This is the Greatest Time to Be … Anything
  • Times are Tough, If You Let Them Be
  • Life Begins at 70
  • How to Come up with Useful Beliefs
  • We All Have Our Own Reality
  • My Reality
  • Focus on What You Can Control
  • The Heart Doesn't Judge
  • Energy is a Decision
  • Life is Full of Challenges
  • Gratitude Leads to Greater Things
  • Today is Your Launch Pad
  • Useful Thinking about Tough Decisions
  • Perfection Gets in the Way of an Outstanding Life
  • Guilt is Not Your Friend
  • Forget Work–Life Balance — It's a Swing
  • Living with Making a Living
  • Choose People Who Give You Power
  • Fear vs Anxiety
  • Avoid Outside Broadcasts
  • Your Body Reflects Your Mind
  • Keep Your Eyes Open
  • It's Okay to Smile