The Successful Thinker

  • 3h 55m 47s
  • Corey Jahnke
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2016

Like so many corporate executives charged with tremendous responsibility, Cynthia struggles to find balance in her life and to lead others effectively. She has led herself to believe that although things aren't perfect, she is doing "okay". Her boss (Rick) believes otherwise and is extremely concerned about her dismal employee approval rating. Rick considers letting her go but instead decides to try something out of the ordinary to give her a chance. He truly wants her to succeed, but he makes it very clear that her results had better drastically improve, or else.

Enter an unlikely mentor named Otis, who teaches Cynthia that successful leaders are successful thinkers. At first Cynthia rejects Otis as a mentor because he is soon to be one of her subordinates. However, his unconventional leadership style and out-of-the-box philosophies seem to be working for him, and she needs help. As the story unfolds, Otis teaches Cynthia the seven laws of 21st-century leadership and calls into question everything she believes to be true about life and leading others.

Follow Cynthia on her journey as she tries to go from a typical manager, scrambling to do more with less, to a successful thinker who leads an amazing life at home as well as on the job.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter One - The Evaluation
  • Chapter Two - The Ride Home
  • Chapter Three - The Law of Contribution
  • Chapter Four - The King and His Court
  • Chapter Five - The Birthday Cake
  • Chapter Six - The Law of the Story
  • Chapter Seven - A Better Story
  • Chapter Eight - The Law of the Agenda
  • Chapter Nine - A Teenage Drama Queen
  • Chapter Ten - Allen's Store
  • Chapter Eleven - Company Policy
  • Chapter Twelve - The Law of the Appreciation
  • Chapter Thirteen - The Washing Machine
  • Chapter Fourteen - The Law of the Student
  • Chapter Fifteen - The Go-Giver
  • Chapter Sixteen - The Law of the Heart
  • Chapter Seventeen - Weaknesses
  • Chapter Eighteen - Rick's Office