The Tokens: 11 Lessons to Help Build the Foundation of Success and Find Your Path to Greatness

  • 2h 10m 30s
  • Dr. Greg S. Reid, Jeff Levitan
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

The Tokens tells the fascinating story of Eric, a skilled craftsman and builder. During the course of his business journey, Eric struggles to take his burgeoning company to the next level. A chance encounter introduces him to Carl, a retired multimillionaire. Carl offers Eric the opportunity to take any material and supplies from his log cabin in exchange for demolishing the building. While working on the cabin, Eric discovers an unexpected and mystifying gift from Carl, a note and a wooden token.

As his relationship with Carl evolves, Eric is faced with countless business challenges and growth. Carl becomes a close friend and indispensable mentor offering his wisdom, knowledge, and business tips (tokens). Eric applies these valuable lessons and discovers the importance of the core concepts that created success for the members of Carl's mastermind group.

The Tokens is centered on the building and construction industry and each business lesson helps to build a foundation of success that is so vital for sustaining growth and overcoming challenges. Written by successful entrepreneurs and devout instructors of personal and professional development, The Tokens outlines the eleven points for developing and maintaining a successful building or construction business with many of the lessons applicable to any business.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Secrets in the Walls
  • Chapter 2 - Dreams of Business
  • Chapter 3 - Illuminate
  • Chapter 4 - Confidence
  • Chapter 5 - Integrity
  • Chapter 6 - Optimism
  • Chapter 7 - Relationships
  • Chapter 8 - Learn and Grow
  • Chapter 9 - Overcoming Obstacles
  • Chapter 10 - Tolerance and Understanding
  • Chapter 11 - Profit by Failure
  • Chapter 12 - Gratitude
  • Chapter 13 - Mentorship