The Ultimate Glow Up Guide: A Guide to Self Growth, Self Care, and Becoming the Best Version of You

  • 3h 22m 42s
  • Elicia Goguen
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2024

Find a deep understanding of how to have a glow up and what that truly means for women. Empowerment books like this are hard to find-become the best version of yourself today.

How to have a glow up-made easy. Author Elicia Goguen, creator of The Glow Up Secrets YouTube channel, shares her personal glow-up journey and how to have a glow up yourself, giving tips on changing thoughts of self-hate or sabotage into self improvement for real women. No more indulging in body shaming or unhealthy diet culture while focusing on your outer appearance with this women's empowerment book.

Glow up from within. This shadow work book guides women back to their unique selves, healing their inner child along the way. Break unhealthy habits and relationships by connecting with your authentic self. Women can glow up with this self growth book for lasting change. It's your time to start creating your story from a place of self acceptance and self love.

In The Ultimate Glow Up Guide, discover:

  • - Ways to stop self hate, self criticism, and self limiting beliefs
  • - An inner child healing book full of self care for women
  • - How to have a glow up on your way to achieving your dream life

About the Author

Elicia Goguen is passionate about inspiring and guiding her audience on their "glow up" journeys with a focus on internal healing and emphasis on mental health & wellness. After many years of struggling with her own mental and physical health due to her struggles with low self esteem, stressful family dynamics and chronic illness, she’s learned how to heal and overcome situations that she once thought she had no control over. Using her wisdom, knowledge and practices that she’s picked up over the years, she’s now cultivated a loyal community who look to her for advice on how to establish a self loving and compassionate relationship with oneself, while navigating womanhood and adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Elicia currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One - Summer Is Coming
  • Chapter Two - Self-Sabotage
  • Chapter Three - Starting the Healing Journey
  • Chapter Four - Uncovering All the Parts of You
  • Chapter Five - Reparenting Yourself
  • Chapter Six - Uncovering Your Shadow
  • Chapter Seven - Rebuilding Self-Confidence
  • Chapter Eight - Your Deck of Cards