The Unrules: Man, Machines and the Quest to Master Markets

  • 4h 55m 29s
  • Igor Tulchinsky
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

The Unrules presents the dynamic rules for success in the age of exponential information. Written by Igor Tulchinsky, the trader behind global quantitative investment management firm WorldQuant, this book is more than just another Big Data guide for financial wonks - it's a prescriptive, inspirational book for everyone navigating the tidal waves of the information age.

Data is everywhere, coming at us in a never-ceasing, ever-rising river that threatens to overwhelm us. Tulchinsky reveals, however, how natural patterns underlie data patterns that may dictate life or death, success, or failure. The marriage of man and machines has allowed scientists to explore increasingly complex worlds, to predict outcomes and eventualities. This book demonstrates how to exercise real intelligence by discerning the patterns that surround us every day and how to leverage this information into success in the workplace and beyond.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Quake
  • Chapter 2 - The UnRule That Rules the Rest
  • Chapter 3 - Parallel Universes
  • Chapter 4 - Signal and Noise
  • Chapter 5 - Waves
  • Chapter 6 - Correlation
  • Chapter 7 - Scaling Up
  • Chapter 8 - An Exponential World
  • Chapter 9 - Quant Biology
  • Chapter 10 - The Age of Prediction