The Web3 Era: NFTs, the Metaverse, Blockchain and the Future of the Decentralized Internet

  • 5h 48m 21s
  • David Shin
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

In The Web3 Era, David Shin connects pivotal moments from the history of human progress and global trade with current events that are shaping the world of tomorrow through a fascinating and insightful exploration of the long-term, next-level use cases of non-fungible tokens and digital assets, and their implications for industries that leverage these advancements. In the book, you'll find discussions of the challenges and opportunities for institutions awaiting the arrival of the Web3 space; how old Western central powers are struggling to keep up with the digital currencies of the East; and why our voices will matter as consensus-driven tribes converge to form DAOs. You'll also discover the potential of blockchain as a pivotal engine for driving the metaverse economy and transforming contemporary web infrastructure into a decentralized network of free trade and social interaction governed by users themselves.

The author covers topics that include the potential institution of a smart treasury in a digital economy; the convergence of metaverse infrastructure with decentralized finance, creating a virtual world of open finance; use cases for government-backed digital tokens in a variety of industries; and social interactions and commerce tied to Soulbound-identity, AI technology, archeological revelations, de-dollarization, and the rising Global South.

About the Author

DAVID SHIN was the Global Group Head at Klaytn, a Forbes Blockchain Top 50 company and the blockchain arm of Korean internet company Kakao. He is currently overseeing business development in EMEA and Asia for Immutable X, a well funded Australian web3 game and NFT startup. He has also previously held the roles of Head of Exchange at and Head of TZ APAC, an adoption entity supported by the Tezos Foundation.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Rise of the DAOs
  • Chapter 2 - When the World Becomes Your Village...
  • Chapter 3 - The New Centralization
  • Chapter 4 - Tower of Babel 2.0
  • Chapter 5 - Soul Beyond Face Value
  • Chapter 6 - Back to Africa
  • Chapter 7 - The American Way
  • Chapter 8 - When We Meet in the Metaverse...
  • Chapter 9 - Of Builders and Villains...
  • Chapter 10 - The Nature of a Nurturer: Reflecting on the Klaytn Journey
  • Chapter 11 - A Brave New World