The Wisest One in the Room: How You Can Benefit from Social Psychology's Most Powerful Insights

  • 10h 6m 16s
  • Lee Ross, Thomas Gilovich
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2016

Renowned psychologists describe the five most useful insights from social psychology that will help make you “wise”: wise about why we behave the way we do, and wise about how to use that knowledge to understand others and change ourselves for the better.

When faced with a challenge, we often turn to those we trust for words of wisdom. Friends, relatives, and colleagues: someone with the best advice about how to boost sales, the most useful insights into raising children, or the sharpest take on a political issue. In The Wisest One in the Room, renowned social psychologists Thomas Gilovich and Lee Ross ask: Why? What do these people know? What are the foundations of their wisdom? And, as professors and researchers who specialize in the study of human behavior, they wonder: What general principles of human psychology are they drawing on to reach these conclusions?

In this Audiobook

  • 1. The Objectivity Illusion
  • 2. The Push and Pull of Situations
  • 3. The Name of the Game
  • 4. The Primacy of Behavior
  • 5. Keyholes, Lenses, and Filters
  • 6. The Happiest One in the Room
  • 7. Why We Don't “Just Get Along”
  • 8. A Tough Problem for America
  • 9. An Even Tougher Problem for the World