The Wolf in CIOs Clothing: A Machiavellian Strategy for Successful IT Leadership

  • 4h 19m 24s
  • Tina Nunno
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

Machiavellians are few in number in IT. The massive pressure on CIOs continues to increase as the opportunities to use technology in business become more prevalent and more competitive. As CIOs often find themselves at the center of business conflict, they must not only familiarize themselves with Machiavellian tactics as a defensive weapon, but also learn to use them as an offensive weapon in extreme situations so that they can increase IT’s contribution to their enterprises.

In this Audiobook

  • 1: Aspire to Be the Machiavellian Wolf CIO
  • 2: Master the Three Essential Machiavellian Wolf Disciplines: Power, Manipulation and Warfare
  • 3: Recognize the Power You Have and Increase It Exponentially
  • 4: Prioritize With Force and Finesse
  • 5: Exude Power by Growling, Rather Than Roaring, Your Reputation
  • 6: Make Sure No One Is Always in Control but You
  • 7: Follow the Money but Don't Let It Fool You
  • 8: Recognize Stronger Wolves and Know When to Be a Lamb
  • 9: Employ Manipulation or Risk Being Manipulated
  • 10: Treat Colleagues as Friends, but Assume They Are Enemies
  • 11: Treat Information as a Weapon, and Don't Load the Gun Aimed at You
  • 12: Recognize That the Hero Is Often the Arsonist, So Don't Feed the Fire
  • 13: Ruthlessly Keep Others From Wasting IT's Time
  • 14: Combine the Wolf's Power With Manipulation Tactics to Maximize Impact
  • 15: Master Multilateral Wars of Expansion to Grow the Enterprise and IT
  • 16: Engage Lieutenants to Scale Up Your Power and Manipulation
  • 17: Create Strong Alliances to Scale Up, but Select the Appropriate Methods
  • 18: Fight on Multiple Fronts to Avoid Being Boxed in by the Enemy or Yourself
  • 19: Create Weapons of Mass Destruction Through Force Multiplication
  • 20: Put One Paw in Front of the Other


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