The Work of Managers: Towards a Practice Theory of Management

  • 17h 59m 38s
  • Stefan Tengblad (ed)
  • Gildan Media
  • 2012

Managers are significant actors in contemporary organizations, and yet there is very little deep-level analysis of what managers do and how they understand their managerial selves and social situations. Instead of evaluating management techniques according to their internal logic and systematic qualities, this audiobook advances the "practice perspective" using behavior and activities of successful, experienced, and skilled managers as the primary data for theorizing good management.

In this audiobook, academics review classic literature on managerial work, discuss methodological and theoretical approaches, and present empirical studies on various kinds of managers at different levels of organizations, in different roles, and different sectors, from construction site managers and CEOs of large companies to university vice chancellors and front-line health-care managers. It makes the case for studies of managerial work that look beyond the rational and ordered world to the challenges presented by, inter alia, work and information overload, complexity, performance pressures, unintended consequences, and irreconcilable expectations.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Overcoming the Rationalistic Fallacy in Management Research
  • Chapter 2 - Management in Practice: Overview of Classic Studies on Managerial Work
  • Chapter 3 - Managerial Leadership as Event-Driven Improvisation
  • Chapter 4 - Managerial Leadership: Identities, Processes, and Interactions
  • Chapter 5 - Multi-Framing as a Tool in Top Management Teams
  • Chapter 6 - Work Activities and Stress among Managers in Health Care
  • Chapter 7 - Leadership as Muddling Through: Site Managers in the Construction Industry
  • Chapter 8 - R&D Managers Leading Knowledge Workers with Care
  • Chapter 9 - Managers at the Municipal Top
  • Chapter 10 - The Swedish Municipality Director: A Managerial Function Between Politics and Administration
  • Chapter 11 - Leaders of Modern Universities: Primi Inter Pares or Chief Executive Officers?
  • Chapter 12 - Managerial Work at the Top: Tracing Changes in Work Practices and Efforts Towards Theory Development
  • Chapter 13 - Managerial Behaviour in Small Firms: Does it Matter What Managers Do?
  • Chapter 14 - The Duality of Strategic Managerial Work in SMEs: A Structuration Perspective
  • Chapter 15 - Managerial Practices in Family-Owned Firms: Strategizing Actors, Their Arenas, and Their Emotions
  • Chapter 16 - Refining Shadowing Methods for Studying Managerial Work
  • Chapter 17 - Bridging the Management Theory and Practice Gap
  • Chapter 18 - Conclusions and the Way Forward: Towards a Practice Theory of Management


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