The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work

  • 8h 32m 3s
  • Scott Berkun
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

A behind-the-scenes look at the firm behind and the unique work culture that contributes to its phenomenal success.

50 million websites, or 20 percent of the entire web, use WordPress software. The force behind is a convention-defying company called Automattic, Inc., whose 120 employees work from anywhere in the world they wish, barely use email, and launch improvements to their products dozens of times a day. With a fraction of the resources of Google, Amazon, or Facebook, they have a similar impact on the future of the Internet. How is this possible? What's different about how they work, and what can other companies learn from their methods?

To find out, former Microsoft veteran Scott Berkun worked as a manager at, leading a team of young programmers developing new ideas. The Year Without Pants shares the secrets of's phenomenal success from the inside. Berkun's story reveals insights on creativity, productivity, and leadership from the kind of workplace that might be in everyone's future.

  • Offers a fast-paced and entertaining insider's account of how an amazing, powerful organization achieves impressive results
  • Includes vital lessons about work culture and managing creativity
  • Written by author and popular blogger Scott Berkun (

The Year Without Pants shares what every organization can learn from the world-changing ideas for the future of work at the heart of Automattic's success.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Hotel Electra
  • Chapter 2 - The First Day
  • Chapter 3 - Tickets for Caturday
  • Chapter 4 - Culture Always Wins
  • Chapter 5 - Your Meetings Will Be Typed
  • Chapter 6 - The Bazaar at the Cathedral
  • Chapter 7 - The Big Talk
  • Chapter 8 - The Future of Work, Part 1
  • Chapter 9 - Working the Team
  • Chapter 10 - How to Start a Fire
  • Chapter 11 - Real Artists Ship
  • Chapter 12 - Athens Lost and Found
  • Chapter 13 - Double Down
  • Chapter 14 - There Can Be Only One
  • Chapter 15 - The Future of Work, Part 2
  • Chapter 16 - Innovation and Friction
  • Chapter 17 - The Intense Debate
  • Chapter 18 - Follow the Sun
  • Chapter 19 - The Rise of Jetpack
  • Chapter 20 - Show Me the Money
  • Chapter 21 - Portland and the Collective
  • Chapter 22 - The Bureau of Socialization
  • Chapter 23 - Exit Through Hawaii
  • Chapter 24 - The Future of Work, Part 3