Think Like a Marketer: How a Shift in Mindset Can Change Everything for Your Business

  • 6h 31m 18s
  • Kate Colbert
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

The secret to taking your business from mediocre to meaningfully different?

Thinking like a marketer. It's also the secret to moving your organization from status quo to success story, and from busy to profitable. In an accessible, practical new guidebook, acclaimed marketing expert Kate Colbert offers fresh insights into the actions and attitudes that can accelerate your business success, sharpen your daily work, and balance your efforts to create value for customers while capturing value for the bottom line. For non-marketers and marketers alike, truly thinking like a marketer requires the right framework, and this book is everything you need to make the mindset shift that can change everything for your business.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Welcome to a New Way of Thinking about Your Business
  • Chapter 2 - Have a Great Story and Know How to Tell it
  • Chapter 3 - Give it Away! (Because They Can't Know If They Love You If They've Never Sampled Your Product)
  • Chapter 4 - Don't Give it All Away, for Heaven's Sake! (Monetize it!)
  • Chapter 5 - Love (and Protect!) Your Database or Lose Your Company
  • Chapter 6 - Don't Pursue All the Marketing Tactics (Many are a Waste of Your Time!), But Always Be Open to New Ones
  • Chapter 7 - Speaking of Great Marketing Tactics, Write a Book!
  • Chapter 8 - The Pitfalls and Opportunities of Do-it-Yourself Marketing
  • Chapter 9 - Be Know and Be Seen: Networking (But Not the Kind You Think)
  • Chapter 10 - Toot Your Own Horn (Business Success is Not about Modesty)
  • Chapter 11 - Forget the 4 Ps of Marketing: In Some Ways, Distribution is Everything
  • Chapter 12 - Don't Let Good Customer Service Go Bad
  • Chapter 13 - A Little Market Research Goes a Long Way
  • Chapter 14 - Know Thy Audience
  • Chapter 15 - The Price You Pay If You or Your Employees are Poor Communicators
  • Chapter 16 - If Your are the Marketing Department, You've Got to Think Like One: Vital Tips for Solopreneurs and Companies without Marketing Leaders
  • Chapter 17 - 6 Enduring Truths about B2B Marketing (Which Also Happen to Apply to B2C Companies)
  • Chapter 18 - Conclusion: Thinking Like a Marketer … in the Real World


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