Thinking Machines: The Quest for Artificial Intelligence--and Where It's Taking Us Next

  • 8h 13m
  • Luke Dormehl
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2017

When most of us think about Artificial Intelligence, our minds go straight to cyborgs, robots, and sci-fi thrillers where machines take over the world. But the truth is that Artificial Intelligence is already among us. It exists in our smartphones, fitness trackers, and refrigerators that tell us when the milk will expire. In some ways, the future people dreamed of at the World's Fair in the 1960s is already here. We're teaching our machines how to think like humans, and they're learning at an incredible rate.

In Thinking Machines, technology journalist Luke Dormehl takes you through the history of AI and how it makes up the foundations of the machines that think for us today. Furthermore, Dormehl speculates on the incredible—and possibly terrifying—future that's much closer than many would imagine. This remarkable book will invite you to marvel at what now seems commonplace and to dream about a future in which the scope of humanity may need to widen to include intelligent machines.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 Whatever Happened to Good Old-Fashioned AI?
  • Chapter 2 Another Way to Build AI
  • Chapter 3 Intelligence Is All Around Us
  • Chapter 4 How May I Serve You?
  • Chapter 5 How AI Put Our Jobs in Jeopardy
  • Chapter 6 Can AI Be Creative?
  • Chapter 7 In the Future There Will Be Mindclones
  • Chapter 8 The Future (Risks) of Thinking Machines