Transfluence: How to Lead with Transformative Influence in Today's Climates of Change

  • 6h 26m 30s
  • Walt Rakowich
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Walt Rakowich was CEO of Prologis, the world's largest owner of industrial warehouses and a critical partner to companies distributing products throughout the global supply chain. The company was near bankruptcy when Walt took over at the height of the Great Recession. While leading Prologis back to prominence and in the years since, Walt realized leaders today must lean into timeless values and principles, but with a fresh perspective on the new realities of our leadership climates.

The modern leadership environment exists at the convergence of three distinct and dynamic climates: the climates of access, diversity, and acceleration. On their own or in the aggregate, these climates produce significant opportunities and tensions that will challenge leaders for generations. With a fundamental understanding of these climates, leaders develop a selfless approach that withstands the toughest storms.

Transfluence shows leaders how they can have transformative influence by overcoming their fears and pride, building transparency into their leadership, developing a strong core of authentic values, and passionately pursuing a meaningful purpose. When leaders do this, they seize opportunities, embrace challenges, and make their organizations and communities greater than ever.

In this Audiobook

  • An Emerging Idea of Hope
  • Wellsprings of Leadership
  • Climates of Change
  • Dazed But Unconfused
  • The Faces of Fear
  • BIG ME, little you
  • Looking Outside Our Storms
  • Embracing Transparency
  • Building a 3H-Core
  • Humility: Don't Trust Us, Watch Us
  • Honesty: Living the Policy
  • Heart: Lessons from the Garbage Truck
  • Purpose: Lessons from a Second-Grader
  • Passion: Earth, Wind, and Fire