Transforming Leaders The Sandler Way

  • 2h 36m 5s
  • Dave Arch
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019
This audio edition offers a user-friendly guide to the 52 critical leadership lessons that support great careers and great teams.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. The Big Seven: Leadership Starts in Your Own Life and Then Radiates Outward as an Example to Others
  • 2. Ride the Whole Cab: Distinguish the Cognitive, Attitudinal and Behavioural Aspects of Leadership
  • 3. Positional or Earned: Build Leadership on the Personal Capital You've Earned, Not the Title You Hold
  • 4. Life's Report Card: Don't Grade Yourself in Only One Area of Life
  • 5. Success and Possessions: Success is Not the Same as Owning Things
  • 6. The Tombstone Test: What Do You Want Written on Your Tombstone
  • 7. Passion: Connect with People on the Level of Thoughts and Feelings
  • 8. Inner Drive: Tap into Sources of Internal Energy
  • 9. Finding Gratitude: Authentic Gratitude Motivates and Inspires Others
  • 10. Never Enough: True Leaders Do Not Brood on Difficult Events
  • 11. Live Intentionally: Have Goals, Plans and the Vitality to Pull the Trigger
  • 12. Charisma Defined: Are You Moving the Relationship Forward
  • 13. The Relationship Pyramid: Get a Bird's-Eye View of the Other Person Situation
  • 14. Gender Matters: Surprise! Surprise! Men and Women Give Situation Differently
  • 15. Personality Matters: Dominant, Influencer, Steady Relator, Compliance
  • 16. Transactional Matters: We Talk to Each Other from One of Three Ego States: Parent, Adult or Child
  • 17. Dysfunctional PAC: Some Exchanges Play Out in Ways That Sabotage Good Communication
  • 18. Actions versus Words: Pay Less Attention to Words and More to Actions
  • 19. Networking: The Larger Your Network the More Successful You'll Be at Fulfilling Responsibility
  • 20. A Lot to Get Passed: How Easy is it to Get to Know You
  • 21. Intuitive People Skills: Do You Notice When the Mood of the Room Has Shifted
  • 22. Wishy-Washy Words: Are You Listening for Them
  • 23. Top Eight Communication Dysfunctions: Are You Communicating or Trying to Get the Other Person to Submit
  • 24. Triangulation: Don't Insert Yourself into a Situation That Needs to Be Resolved by Others
  • 25. The Origin of Anger: What is Anger Encountered in the Workplace Mean
  • 26. Healthy Acceptance: Accept People as They are, Everyone Including You Has Dysfunctions
  • 27. Boundaries: Establish and Defend Personal Boundaries
  • 28. Identity versus Role: Role is What You Do, Identity is Who You are
  • 29. The Mental Credit Card: You Can't Store Painful Experiences in the Back Room Forever
  • 30. Profitability of Pain: It is Not Your Job to Protect Your Followers from Pain
  • 31. Comfort Zones: Engage with That Which Makes You Uncomfortable
  • 32. Not Everyone's Cup of Tea: Accept That You Won't Please Everyone with the Decision You Make and the Principles You Hold
  • 33. Anxiety: Keep Your Prospective and Don't Catastrophes
  • 34. Leave Your Child and Your Mother in the Car: When it's Time to Do an Adult Job Leave the Critical Parents and the Child Out of it
  • 35. Cognitive versus Behavioural: Thoughts Affect Behaviour and Vice Versa
  • 36. The Confidence Paradox: Don't Wait Until Confidence Appears, Take Action
  • 37. Social Masks: Comparisons with Others are Likely to Be Inaccurate and or Create Complacency
  • 38. Intimidation: Build a Rebuttal to Your Internal Critical Parents Fashionism
  • 39. The Reality Room: Truth Hurts Sometimes, But it Beats Trying to Live According to Lies
  • 40. Left Brain, Right Brain: Stress Happens When What is Does Not Equal What Should Be
  • 41. Control: Focus on Personal Objectives to Connect the Parts of Your Life You Can Affect
  • 42. The Principle of the Thing: Effective Leaders are Principled People
  • 43. Confident Humility: Humility Does Not Mean Being Timid
  • 44. The OK Test: Don't Try to Get Your Ego Needs Met During Interactions with Followers
  • 45. You Don't Know: No Matter How Old You Get, You'll Never Know What You Don't Know
  • 46. Effective Delegation: Delegate Authority Not Just Task
  • 47. Upfront Contracts: Align Expectations Ahead of Time
  • 48. The Pareto Principle: Understand and Use the 80/20 Rule
  • 49. Eliminate and Concentrate: Be as Good at Ending Things, as You are at Starting Things
  • 50. Your Hourly Wage: Identify it and Use it to Remove Clutter from Job and Your Life
  • 51. The Velvet Covered Brick: Be Easy to Approach and Nurturing, But Tough When Pushed Against
  • 52. Epilogue: A Leaders Heart: Take Chances, Strive Valuably, If You Fail Atleast Fail While Daring Greatly


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