Unsupervised: Navigating and Influencing a World Controlled by Powerful New Technologies

  • 11h 53m 57s
  • Daniel Doll-Steinberg, Stuart Leaf
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

How a broad range of new immensely powerful technologies is disrupting and transforming every corner of our reality―and why you must act and adapt

Unsupervised: Navigating and Influencing a World Controlled by Powerful New Technologies examines the fast-emerging technologies and tools that are already starting to completely revolutionize our world. Beyond that, the book takes an in-depth look at how we have arrived at this dizzying point in our history, who holds the reins of these formidable technologies, mostly without any supervision. It explains why we as business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, educators, lawmakers, investors or users and all responsible citizens must act now to influence and help oversee the future of a technological world. Quantum computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, decentralization, virtual and augmented reality, and permanent connectivity are just a few of the technologies and trends considered, but the book delves much deeper, too. You'll find a thorough analysis of energy and medical technologies, as well as cogent predictions for how new tech will redefine your work, your money, your entertainment, your transportation and your home and cities, and what you need to know to harness and prosper from these technologies.

About the Author

DANIEL DOLL-STEINBERG, after a career in the early days of global derivatives technology industry, he created one of the first global standards for digital rights management, securing and delivering activation keys and content direct to customers, which helped transform the software industry. Specializing in disruptive technologies, he focused on Blockchain and AI, investing in and transforming real world products and companies with these transformative technologies and in 2017 cofounded the Atari Token Metaverse project. Daniel was appointed by the European Commission, and then the UK government, an expert advisor specializing in education, growth, disruption, and Future of Work policy.

STUART LEAF started his career at Merrill Lynch Capital Markets and Goldman Sachs. He held senior positions in smaller real estate, private equity, and asset management firms, before co-founding Cadogan Management, a Fund of Hedge Funds, in 1994. Investing around the world in a range of different strategies, including a significant exposure to technology, he and his partners grew the funds to $7.5 billion in assets.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Foundational Technologies
  • Chapter 2 - Enabling Technology
  • Chapter 3 - Consumer-Facing Hardware Technologies
  • Chapter 4 - Important Uses of Technologies You Cannot Ignore
  • Chapter 5 - Reinventing the Economy
  • Chapter 6 - Reinventing Work
  • Chapter 7 - Reinventing EducationReinventing Education
  • Chapter 8 - Reinventing Information and Communication
  • Chapter 9 - Reinventing Control
  • Chapter 10 - Reinventing the Planet
  • Chapter 11 - Reinventing Humans and Humanity
  • Chapter 12 - Technology Reinventing Itself
  • Chapter 13 - Key Influencers on Frontier Technologies
  • Chapter 14 - Ethics and Policy
  • Chapter 15 - Conclusion
  • Chapter 16 - Final Word