Welcome to AI: A Human Guide to Artificial Intelligence

  • 6h 15m 17s
  • David L. Shrier
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

A fascinating guide to the rapidly advancing world of artificial intelligence and how this powerful technology will impact our lives, our careers, and our world.

Artificial intelligence is driving workforce disruption on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

In schools and universities AI technology has forced a reevaluation of the way students are taught and assessed. Meanwhile, ChatGPT has become a cultural phenomenon, reaching a hundred million users and attracting a reputed $1 trillion investor interest in its parent company, OpenAI.

The race to dominate the generative AI market is accelerating at breakneck speed, inspiring breathless headlines and immense public interest.

Welcome to AI provides a rare view into a frontier area of computer science that will change everything about how you live and work. Listen to this book and better understand how to succeed in the AI-enabled future.

About the Author

David L. Shrier is a globally recognized author and expert on technology-driven innovation. He is a Professor of Practice, AI and Innovation, at Imperial College Business School, cohead of Trusted AI at Imperial College London, and Managing Director of venture studio Visionary Future. He previously held a dual appointment at MIT and the University of Oxford. Shrier has advised public companies, private enterprise, and more than a hundred governments on fields such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and financial technology. In addition, he has launched multiple AI-based university spinouts.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Rise of the bots and AI hallucinations
  • Chapter 2 - Defining AI: understanding terminology
  • Chapter 3 - Evolution of AI jobs displacement: how did we get here?
  • Chapter 4 - Reskilling and developing cognitive flexibility
  • Chapter 5 - Future-proofing: what to study and which industries are safer?
  • Chapter 6 - What can Human+AI systems do? Adventures in collective intelligence and more
  • Chapter 7 - Building Human+AI systems: from prompt engineering to high-performing teams
  • Chapter 8 - Alternative futures: Wall-E or Star Trek?
  • Chapter 9 - The urgent need for policy: shaping a better tomorrow
  • Conclusion