What Got You Here Won't Get You There in Sales: How Successful Salespeople Take it to the Next Level

  • 5h 5m 38s
  • Bill Hawkins, Don Brown, Marshall Goldsmith
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2011

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There in Sales! provides simple-to-use tools for maintaining and leveraging quality personal connections by doing something much easier than learning new behaviors: simply stopping old ones.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Hi-Tech/No-Touch—The Game Changes Again
  • Chapter 2: Two Worlds Collide: Functional versus Human
  • Chapter 3: Creating Readiness to Buy: The State of the Moment
  • Chapter 4: An Era of Empathy: The X Factor in Sales
  • Chapter 5: A New Approach to Change: Easier to Stop Than Start
  • Chapter 6: The Habits That Can Hold You Back in Sales
  • Chapter 7: To the Veteran Seller: The Comfort Paradox
  • Chapter 8: When Service Turns to Sales: The Power of Mindset
  • Chapter 9: How to Choose What to Stop
  • Chapter 10: The Rules Are Different for You: Successful Salespeople and Change
  • Chapter 11: Getting Help, Getting Ideas, Getting There
  • Chapter 12: A Look to the Future: Be Present to Ask, Learn, Follow Up, and Grow
  • Chapter 13: Don't Give Up: Final Thoughts on Change