What Keeps Leaders Up At Night: Recognizing And Resolving Your Most Troubling Management Issues

  • 7h 44m 20s
  • Nicole Lipkin
  • Gildan Media
  • 2014

No matter how many initiatives you spearhead or how hard you think about decisions, you will make the occasional management misstep. All leaders do. You can lie awake at night questioning yourself or you can listen to this audiobook.

As a clinical and business psychologist who works with executives around the world, Nicole Lipkin knows the stresses leaders face. In What Keeps Leaders Up at Night, she presents smart solutions to the common mistakes leaders make with their people, answering questions including: Why do I sometimes feel threatened by my best people? How do I remain cool in hot situations? How can I ensure people hear what I say? How can I cope more effectively with change? Why have I lost so many of my best employees to the competition?

The book examines engagement, motivation, expectation, emotions, interpersonal, and group dynamics - all the psychological principles that play pivotal roles in the workplace. Featuring illuminating examples and exercises, What Keeps Leaders Up at Night shines a bright light into the dark corners where all leaders struggle with their own shortcomings.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - I'm a Good Boss. So Why Do I Sometimes Act Like a Bad One?
  • Chapter 2 - Why Don't People Heed My Sage Advice?
  • Chapter 3 - Why Do I Lose My Cool in Hot Situations?
  • Chapter 4 - Why Does a Good Fight Sometimes Go Bad?
  • Chapter 5 - Why Can Ambition Sabotage Success?
  • Chapter 6 - Why Do People Resist Change?
  • Chapter 7 - Why Do Good Teams Go Bad?
  • Chapter 8 - What Causes a Star to Fade?