Who Wins in a Digital World?: Strategies to Make Your Organization Fit for the Future

  • 4h 18m 35s
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

In the new digital world, the unknowns are never-ending. Our ability to embrace the demands of change has become a prerequisite for success. It's not easy. We don't work the way we did last year. Next year, it will all change again. If an organization doesn't embrace the realities of change, it will be under siege from those that do. Who Wins in a Digital World? explains how organizations can adapt to a constantly changing business environment by being flexible but focused, embracing change in all its messiness, and moving fast.

In articles that originally appeared in MIT Sloan Management Review, experts from business and academia discuss digital adaptability, explaining how both organizations and individuals need the ability to excel in what their roles will become as technology and their competitive ecosystem evolve. They highlight strategies and mind-sets that can foster change, including boldness in the face of digitization, a focus on collaboration, and an artificial intelligence game plan.

Once an organization accepts the fact that technological change is ongoing and inevitable, it becomes more about opportunity and less about challenge. This audiobook shows that change can be stimulating, exhilarating, and something to be welcomed.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Don't Confuse Digital with Digitization
  • Chapter 2 - Is Your Company Ready for a Digital Future?
  • Chapter 3 - Turn Strategy into Results
  • Chapter 4 - Leading in a Time of Increased Expectations
  • Chapter 5 - Don't Get Caught in the Middle
  • Chapter 6 - The Best Response to Digital Disruption
  • Chapter 7 - Why Your Company Needs More Collaboration
  • Chapter 8 - What's Your Cognitive Technology Strategy?
  • Chapter 9 - Building a More Intelligent Enterprise
  • Chapter 10 - Creating Management Processes Built for Change
  • Chapter 11 - Building the Right Ecosystem for Innovation
  • Chapter 12 - Implement First, Ask Questions Later (or Not at All)