Why I Don't Work Here Anymore: A Leader's Guide to Offset the Financial and Emotional Costs of Toxic Employees

  • 4h 14m 2s
  • Mitchell Kusy
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

You have likely heard stories from friends, family members, and colleagues who quit a job because of a toxic person - an individual who belittles, shames, humiliates, or bullies. You may not have realized that these individuals not only take their tolls on our emotional psyches, but also the financial outcomes of their organizations. Through this book's many case examples, as well as evidence-based practices and templates, each chapter singles out one main issue and how to resolve it with respect and clarity.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Evidence-Based Insights about Toxic Behaviors
  • Chapter 2 - Myths about Toxic Behaviors
  • Chapter 3 - Powerful Ways to Give Toxic People Feedback
  • Chapter 4 - How We Enable Toxic Behaviors to Persist
  • Chapter 5 - Hiring and Exiting Practices That Address Toxic Behaviors
  • Chapter 6 - Failures and Triumphs of Performance Management in the Toxic World
  • Chapter 7 - A Powerful Team Assessment Method
  • Chapter 8 - Remain Vigilant
  • Chapter 9 - How to Build a Culture of Everyday Civility


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