Winning through Intimidation: How to Be the Victor, Not the Victim, in Business and in Life

  • 7h 39s
  • Robert Ringer
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Believe it or not, the results a person obtains are inversely proportionate to the degree to which he is intimidated; it's not what you say or do that counts, but what your posture is when you say or do it! Those who choose to be ostriches and believe they can wish away these realities invite an enormous amount of unnecessary pain and frustration into their lives. If you heed the truths set forth in Winning through Intimidation, there will be fewer occasions when you find yourself scratching your head and trying to figure out why a situation you thought you had under control ended up falling apart at the seams.

By learning and implementing the unique ideas, strategies, and techniques that Robert Ringer teaches in Winning Through Intimidation, you'll be in a position to join the millions of entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals in all walks of life who have elevated their business and personal lives to a whole new level of success.

Find out for yourself why the realities set forth in this classic work have continued to inspire and elevate millions of listeners to a whole new level of success for more than three decades.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Shattering the Myths
  • Chapter 2 - Replacing the Myths
  • Chapter 3 - Passing My Entrance Exam at Screw U.
  • Chapter 4 - My Three Unforgettable Professors at Screw U.
  • Chapter 5 - Type Number Three is Sincerely Sorry That He Grabbed Your Chips, but the Result is Just the Same as If He were Glad
  • Chapter 6 - Type Number One isn't Sorry That He Grabbed Your Chips, Because He Warned You Ahead of Time How He Plays the Game
  • Chapter 7 - Type Number Two isn't Sorry That He Grabbed Your Chips, Because, In Spite of His Assurances to the Contrary, That was His Intention from the Outset
  • Chapter 8 - My Senior Year at Screw U.
  • Chapter 9 - My Graduation from Screw U.
  • Chapter 10 - Using Posture Power to Get the Ball
  • Chapter 11 - Advancing the Ball to Midfield
  • Chapter 12 - Reaching the Opponent's Twenty Yard Line
  • Chapter 13 - Scoring
  • Chapter 14 - It Doesn't Count Until the Points are on the Scoreboard
  • Chapter 15 - The Return of The Tortoise
  • Chapter 16 - The Return of The Tortoise, Part II
  • Chapter 17 - The Tortoise Dons His Hare Costume
  • Chapter 18 - The Tortoise Returns to True Form
  • Chapter 19 - The Ultimate Insurance Policy
  • Chapter 20 - Sticking with a Winning Formula
  • Chapter 21 - Answer: Not to Be Intimidated