Wired for Thought: How the Brain is Shaping the Future of the Internet

  • 5h 10m 12s
  • Jeffrey M. Stibel
  • Gildan Media
  • 2009

In this age of hyper competition, the Internet constitutes a powerful tool for inventing radical new business models that will leave your rivals scrambling. But as brain scientist and entrepreneur Jeffrey Stibel explains in Wired for Thought, you have to understand its true nature. The Internet is more than just a series of interconnected computer networks: it's the first real replication of the human brain outside the human body. To leverage its power, you first need to understand how the Internet has evolved to take on similarities to the brain.

In this Audiobook

  • CHAPTER 1 The Thinking Machine
  • CHAPTER 2 Darwin's Cloud
  • CHAPTER 3 A Wise Guess
  • CHAPTER 4 Too Much of a Good Thing
  • CHAPTER 5 Creative Destruction
  • CHAPTER 6 A Web of Neurons
  • CHAPTER 7 Searching for the Right Words
  • CHAPTER 8 The Limits of Networks
  • CHAPTER 9 The Social Networks
  • CHAPTER 10 The New Rules of the Brain, Business, and Beyond
  • CHAPTER 11 A Ghost on the Web


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