Women in the Workforce: What Everyone Needs to Know (r)

  • 7h 27m 26s
  • Laura M. Argys, Susan L. Averett
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2022

Women are joining the workforce in increasing numbers, making inroads as entrepreneurs and leaders, acquiring more education, marrying later, and having fewer children—all trends consistent with spending a far greater fraction of their adult lives in the labor force. And yet, even as women break the glass ceiling and challenge gender and sexual norms, they are told they need to "lean in" and powerful movements like #TimesUP and #MeToo are still necessary to expose and overcome endemic discrimination, exploitation, harassment, and worse.

Women in the Workforce: What Everyone Needs to Know® provides an essential and accessible introduction to the significance of women in the economy and the obstacles they face in claiming equal status. Economists Laura M. Argys and Susan L. Averett tackle timely topics like the wage gap, "women's work," and gendered workplace interactions in an easy-to-read question and answer format. The book focuses on the choices people make and how these are framed by institutional impediments that create inequalities in the options available to men and women. Argys and Averett highlight how the experience of being a woman in the labor market varies, sometimes dramatically, by race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. They also explore how living in cities, towns, and rural areas influence choices and outcomes.

About the Author

Laura M. Argys is professor of economics at University of Colorado Denver. She is coeditor, along with Susan Averett and Saul Hoffman, of The Oxford Handbook of Women and the Economy.

Susan L. Averett is professor of economics at Lafayette College. She is coeditor, along with Laura Argys and Saul Hoffman, of The Oxford Handbook of Women and the Economy.

In this Audiobook

  • Women in the Workforce: An Overview
  • Chapter 1 - Are Women an Important Part of the Economy?
  • Chapter 2 - Is There Such a Thing as Women’s Work?
  • Chapter 3 - How Do Women Balance Work and Family?
  • Chapter 4 - How Do Men and Women Interact in the Workplace?
  • Chapter 5 - What Leads to the Gender Pay Gap?
  • Chapter 6 - Do Women Earn Less Because Men Rule the World?
  • Chapter 7 - Why Can’t the Government Just Fix the Pay Gap?
  • Chapter 8 - How Do Women Fare in Retirement?