Work Disrupted: Opportunity, Resilience, and Growth in the Accelerated Future of Work

  • 7h 39m 30s
  • Jeff Schwartz, Suzanne Riss
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

The future of work swept in sooner than expected, accelerated by COVID-19, creating an urgent need for new maps, new mindsets, new strategies - and most importantly, a trusted guide to take us on this journey. That guide is Jeff Schwartz. A founding partner of Deloitte Consulting's Future of Work practice, Schwartz brings clarity, humor, wisdom, and practical advice to the future of work, a topic surrounded by misinformation, fear, and confusion.

If you're anxious about robots taking away your job in the future, you will take comfort in the realistic perspective, fact-based insights, and practical steps Schwartz offers. If you're not sure where to even begin to prepare, follow his level-headed advice and easy-to-follow action plans. If you're a business leader caught between keeping up, while also being thoughtful about the next moves, you will appreciate the playbook directed at you.

Written in a conversational style by Schwartz, with Suzanne Riss, an award-winning journalist and book author, Work Disrupted offers a welcome alternative to audiobooks on the topic that lack a broad perspective or dwell on problems rather than offer solutions. Timely and insightful, the book includes the impact of COVID-19 on our present and future work. Interviews with leading thinkers on the future of work offer additional perspectives and guidance.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - From Fear to Growth: Mindsets and Playbooks for Twenty-First-Century Careers and Work
  • Chapter 2 - People and Machines Working Together: Integrating AI and Workers on Every Team, in Every Job
  • Chapter 3 - Making Alternative Work a Meaningful Opportunity: The Workforce Will Include More Part-Time, Contract, Freelance, Gig, and Crowd Workers
  • Chapter 4 - Working from Almost Anywhere: Redesign Workplaces from Where We Work to How We Work: Onsite, Online, and Everything in Between
  • Chapter 5 - Plan for Many Careers, Not One: Realistic and Energizing Transition Strategies for Multichapter Lives
  • Chapter 6 - The Rise of Teams: Reinvent Organizations, from Individuals and Hierarchies to Teams and Networks
  • Chapter 7 - Leaders as Coaches and Designers: Moving Beyond Managing Workflows and Controlling Direct Reports to Creating, Influencing, and Building
  • Chapter 8 - Carpe Diem: As Individuals, Strengthen Adaptability and Choice to Face Great Opportunities and Disproportionate Responsibilities
  • Chapter 9 - Create Opportunity: As Business Leaders, Unlock Value by Reimagining Jobs and Partnering with Workers to Build Resilience and Dynamic Careers
  • Chapter 10 - Set New Agendas: As Citizens and Communities, Reset Education, Labor Regulations, Job Transitions, and Societal Norms to Reflect Our Values