Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely - Successfully - for Individuals, Teams, and Managers

  • 9h 57m 34s
  • Kirsten Janene-Nelson, Lisette Sutherland
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

In today's modern global economy, companies and organizations in all sectors are embracing the game-changing benefits of the remote work­place. Managers benefit by saving money and resources and by having access to talent outside their zip codes, while employees enjoy greater job opportunities, productivity, independence, and work-life satisfaction. But in this new digital arena, companies need a plan for supporting efficiency and fostering streamlined, engaging teamwork.

In Work Together Anywhere, Lisette Sutherland, an international champion of virtual-team strategies, offers a complete blueprint for optimizing team success by supporting every member of every team, including: employees advocating for work-from-home options, managers seeking to maximize productivity and profitability, teams collaborating over complex projects and long-term goals, organizations reliant on sharing confidential documents and data, and company owners striving to save money and attract the best brainpower.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Why are Individuals Going Remote? Workplace Flexibility
  • Chapter 2 - How Remote Working Benefits Employers
  • Part I: Extras
  • Chapter 3 - Remote Working 101: Getting Started
  • Chapter 4 - Remote Working 201: Perfecting Your Game
  • Part II: Extras
  • Chapter 5 - Transitioning Toward the Remote Option
  • Chapter 6 - Hiring Remote Workers and Teams
  • Part III: Extras
  • Chapter 7 - Commit and Lead, Trust and Succeed
  • Chapter 8 - Facilitate Their Success with Leadership, Alignment, and a Full Arsenal
  • Chapter 9 - Tune Your Team with a Team Agreement
  • Chapter 10 - Bring it All Together
  • Part IV: Extras