Yes, You Can Do This!: How Women Start Up, Scale Up, and Build The Life They Want

  • 5h 31m 26s
  • Claudia Reuter
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Claudia Reuter left a promising corporate career to raise her two young children but realized, when reentering the workforce, that the gap in her resume looked like a gap in ambition - not a purposeful plan. Instead of leaning into a corporate career and fighting the structures and systems designed by and for men decades ago, or leaning out and giving up income, Claudia took a different path. That decision ultimately led to success in the corporate world and at home.

In Yes, You Can Do This! Claudia shares her own reasons for starting a business and makes a call to action for women to consider entrepreneurship so that they can create businesses with the rules they want and change the playing field for others, making a significant impact in the world. More than a how-to guide on building a business, Claudia provides clear examples and practical resources to help others create the life they want through entrepreneurship. In Yes, You Can Do This! you'll learn: how to develop and share your vision; how to deal with stereotypes and unconscious bias; how to leverage perceived weaknesses and turn them into strengths; how to balance life at high speeds and avoid burnout; and how to cultivate the confidence to move from idea to creating a company with the culture and rules you want.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - So You Want More: Get Off the Fence, Start a Business, and Create the Life You Want
  • Chapter 2 - Reasons to Lead: All the Cool Things You Can Do When You're in Charge
  • Chapter 3 - Stop Believing Your Own Unconscious Bias: Develop the Mindset and Self-Confidence to Be the One in Charge with Gratitude
  • Chapter 4 - Your Perceived Weaknesses are Your Hidden Strengths: How to Leverage Your Weaknesses to Start Up
  • Chapter 5 - You Might Have the Next Big Thing: Your Experiences Might Lead to Something Revolutionary
  • Chapter 6 - Write Down Your Future: How to Develop and Use a Business Plan as Your Personal Playbook (and to Combat Imposter Syndrome)
  • Chapter 7 - Tell a Bigger Story: Don't Apologize for Thinking Bold
  • Chapter 8 - It Really is Okay to Make Mistakes: How to Plan for Them So You Can Quickly Recover
  • Chapter 9 - You Don't Have to Wait for Revenue to Ask for Funding: Create a Compelling Pitch Deck That Gets Others on Board
  • Chapter 10 - Empathy is One of Your Biggest Assets: Use it to Understand Your Customers and Make Your Team Stronger
  • Chapter 11 - Instill a Growth Mindset in Your Teams: Constant Change and Transitions are Never Easy
  • Chapter 12 - The Same Skills That Make You a Great Mom Make You a Great Manager: Bust Out Your Multitasking Skills as Your Team Grows
  • Chapter 13 - You are More Than Your Product or Company: Protecting Egos When Things Change
  • Chapter 14 - Balance Life at High Speeds: Make Time for Yourself