Your First Leadership Job: How Catalyst Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others

  • 8h 24m 46s
  • Richard S. Wellins, Tacy M. Byham
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

Congratulations! You're now in charge. Perhaps it's your first time as a leader, or maybe you want to fine-tune your skills. Either way, you've begun one of the most rewarding chapters of your career. But, like many beginnings, the first few years can be challenging. Fortunately, you don't have to tackle this challenge on your own. Your First Leadership Job gives you practical advice straight from others who have walked in your shoes. Not only does it include dozens of tools to ensure your success, but it's also based on the authors' and DDI's extensive experience and research, which ultimately has led to the development of millions of leaders around the world. In fact, a quarter-million leaders will be developed this year alone via DDI training.

Your First Leadership Job is divided into two sections. Part One introduces the concept of catalyst leader - one who sparks energy, passion, and commitment in others. Your transition to catalyst leader is a major step in your leadership journey. This book provides essential tips to put you on the catalyst path. Part Two devotes 13 chapters to critical core leadership competencies, including coaching for success, hiring the best employees, and turning dreaded appraisals into discussions that propel performance. It also includes a chapter for first-time female leaders.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Now You're a Leader: The Journey Begins
  • 2. Boss or Catalyst? : What Makes a Great Leader?
  • 3. Navigating the Transition to Leadership: The Mind-Set You Need to Succeed
  • 4. Your Leadership Brand, Part 1: Be Authentic
  • 5. Your Leadership Brand, Part 2: Bring Out the Best in People and Be Receptive to Feedback
  • 6. Leadership is a Conversation, Part 1: How to Make People Feel Heard, Valued, and Motivated
  • 7. Leadership is a Conversation, Part 2: How to Build Trust and Ownership
  • 8. Your Five-Step Conversation Road Map: Taking a Practical Approach to Get Results
  • 9. Nothing Else Matters Unless You Get Results: How to Execute with Focus, Measurement, and Accountability
  • 10. Hiring and Selecting the Best: Behavior Predicts Behavior
  • 11. What Your Boss Really Wants from You: Become an Adviser
  • 12. Engagement and Retention: Creating the Environment to Energize People
  • 13. Meetings: Make Them Count!
  • 14. Coaching: Learning from Success
  • 15. Feedback Fundamentals: Specific, Timely, and Balanced
  • 16. Handling Difficult Employee Situations: Focus on the Behavior, Not the Person
  • 17. Delegation: Be a Delegator, Not a Dumper
  • 18. Performance Management: An Ongoing Cycle, Not an Event
  • 19. You and Your Network: Nurture Your Business Relationships
  • 20. Influence: Look Up, Down, and Across
  • 21. A Woman's First Leadership Job: Own the Moment
  • 22. Leadership Changes the World: The Difference is You


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