Your Hidden Superpower: The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable at Work and Connects You with Anyone

  • 5h 39m 24s
  • Adrienne Bankert
  • HarperCollins Leadership
  • 2020

Kindness isn’t merely about getting along with people and being nice. It’s a game changer in business, the door opener to opportunity, and the key to authenticity and confidence. It’s a superpower that can be honed through an intentional lifestyle of kindness and is especially important in these divisive times.

Can something as simple as kindness really be the answer?

Through years of developing her own kindness practices and studying those of others, Good Morning America correspondent and anchor Adrienne Bankert has experienced firsthand the unbeatable power of kindness and witnessed its transformative impact on others.

Adjusting our perspective from being closed off and self-centered to a mindset of kindness ripples into a staggering amount of personal fulfillment and growth. No matter our age or ethnicity, where we come from, or how much money we make, every one of us can be kind. Every one of us can be a change agent.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Ask: Kindness 2.0
  • Chapter 2 - The Kind: Power to Be You
  • Chapter 3 - Someone is Always Watching
  • Chapter 4 - Kind vs. Nice: Beyond Default Mode
  • Chapter 5 - Famously Kind: Competing vs. Being Known
  • Chapter 6 - Kind Connections: Building Trust in Seconds
  • Chapter 7 - Power to Open Doors
  • Chapter 8 - Yes, New Friends
  • Chapter 9 - Kind to Your Crew: Allies at Work
  • Chapter 10 - Resilience in a Crazy World
  • Chapter 11 - Right Place, Right Time
  • Chapter 12 - Favorite Things: Paying Attention
  • Chapter 13 - The Power of Giving


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