Your Marketing Sucks.

  • 5h 21m 10s
  • Mark Stevens
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2004

This BusinessWeek best seller from esteemed marketing guru Mark Stevens is an entertaining and useful guide to improving the way businesses promote themselves. Stevens attacks conventional marketing strategies with infectious zeal, making it crystal clear that most companies might as well throw their money away.

In blunt, perfectly logicals terms and through clear examples, Stevens shreds modern marketing and provides practical advice on how to fix the problems. Among his pearls of wisdom: "be a skeptical SOB about every dollar you are spending" and "get someone who can sell, and he doesn't need to have 'salesperson' in his title." In no time, listeners will know how to spend their marketing dollars wisely and get a good return on their investment.

Whether you work for a small store or an international manufacturing conglomerate, Your Marketing Sucks. may be the most important book you ever read. Michael Arkin drives Stevens' points home with an enthusiastic narration.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Why Your Marketing Sucks
  • Chapter 2 - Nothing Happens Until a Sale is Made
  • Chapter 3 - Start with a Blank Page
  • Chapter 4 - Make a Spectacle of Yourself—Or Your Company
  • Chapter 5 - There are No One-Trick Ponies
  • Chapter 6 - Extreme Marketing in Action
  • Chapter 7 - Ready, Aim, Fire!
  • Chapter 8 - Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit
  • Chapter 9 - Don't Go Back to the Office… Yet