6 Ways Certitude Enhances Compliance Training Programs

May 22, 2019 | Reskill Your Workforce | 4 min read
6 Ways Certitude Enhances Compliance Training Programs

What is your organizational process for ensuring all employees receive the necessary documents, policies or procedures to successfully and competently carry out their job? How do you prove that employees received those documents and that they understand the information contained in them? What about employees in either different geographical regions or those who speak a language other than English? How are you addressing these requirements and how are you staying in compliance?

While on the one hand, all this administration can be somewhat overwhelming, the reality is we now have access to multiple software applications that do a lot of the work for us. Understanding just what these tools can do and how they help solve various business needs is therefore critical.

Here’s a list of the essential functions organizations need these applications to perform.

  • Streamline the distribution of documents, policies and standard operating procedures
  • Track employee attestation (a certification tool) with electronic signatures
  • Provide a means for employees to disclose information to key members of an organization
  • Create a question and answer document for multiple uses within an organization such as questionnaires, surveys, disclosures, checklists, assessments and exams
  • Assess employee knowledge of distributed materials with scoring capabilities to test the level of understanding
  • Leverage existing documents, policies, and procedures to produce custom courses tailored to fit an organization’s unique needs
  • Maintain auditable tracking and reporting to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

In other words, the benefits of these tools are enormous. For example, organizations can support their Code of Conduct program requirements, ease their standard operating procedures (SOP) training requirements and have a way to efficiently distribute surveys and assessments to get employee feedback or evaluate employee understanding of the information.

However, what if your organization had access to a single tool capable of offering all of the above and more?

Let me introduce Certitude, which replaces Skillsoft Questionnaires, with enhanced capabilities to strengthen existing compliance and safety programs and support broader organizational initiatives. The following are six ways that Certitude helps organizations simplify complex workflows, certify communications and assess knowledge with the ability to create custom content for a multitude of uses – all of which aim to improve business processes and reduce risk.

Policy documentation management

Organizations can not only create, distribute and manage corporate documents including policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other communications globally across the enterprise, Certitude also supports a global workforce so businesses can manage multiple versions of created documents in 40 languages.

Employee attestation

Capturing an employee’s electronic signature is crucial in confirming acknowledgment of particular documentation or communication. Certitude allows you to document employee attestation, track and manage the responses and collect any additional employee feedback.

Custom content creation tool

This feature means an organization can upload or link to a variety of documents and then create custom assessments and exams to evaluate employee understanding of the information contained within. Organizations can use existing documents including policies, procedures, and converted presentations to create custom training in a matter of minutes. This training can then be assigned and tracked just like any other course.

Evaluation tool

It is essential that organizations have tangible evidence that employees fully comprehend information, training or documentation provided by the organization. Certitude allows you to designate reviewers (i.e., supervisors) with commenting ability to optimize existing workplace safety checks and other regulatory requirements. The benefits of this include giving organizations the ability to adapt quickly and respond to emerging risks as they gauge the effectiveness of compliance training and employee understanding of expectations. Should the need arise, this means you can then supplement compliance training with a hands-on tool that might guide employees on best practices like an ergonomic work station checklist or formalize legal compliance processes such as a code of conduct or non-disclosure agreement.

Reporting capabilities

Tracking Certitude through Percipio Compliance or any other third-party learning management system (LMS) helps organizations provide a holistic view of compliance and safety efforts performed through an audit-ready report. Producing adequate documentation and reporting helps auditors understand the measures in place to support compliance behaviors and an organization’s workplace culture.


Certitude is a responsive tool compatible for mobile use, allowing employees to access critical corporate policies and procedures anywhere and at any time. This ease in access can help alleviate the burden to retrieve documents while away from desktop computers.

From deploying materials and tracking efforts to creating custom content, Certitude provides organizations with a single, comprehensive tool able to support their compliance and safety initiatives.

Norm Ford is VP of Operations for Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft.