Announcing Skillsoft + Udemy Business Turnkey Integration

November 17, 2022 | Reskilling Your Workforce | 4 min read

Gain indelible skills with Udemy Business content in Skillsoft Percipio

At Skillsoft, we’re firm believers that learning should consist of multiple pathways so users can decide what learning model fits their learning style. This is one of the major reasons we’re constantly updating, upgrading, and adding new content to our Skillsoft Percipio platform. To create an open platform that contains the three forms of learning shown to best drive growth among learners: microlearning, macro learning, and deep learning.

Microlearning comprises short videos or book summaries to help learners complete a job at hand or a task they’re struggling with. Macro learning comes into play when a learner has an hour or more to dedicate to learning a specific skill, often completing a course using several videos. Deep learning is required when a learner is attempting to learn an entirely new skill set to transition careers; deep learning is usually an engagement of a week or even a month-long learning experience.

It's because of our dedication to flexible and effective learning platforms that we seek to partner with like-minded learning companies. We are proud to announce the availability of a new turnkey integration with Udemy Business, the corporate training solution by Udemy, a leading destination for online learning and teaching.

Learners deserve to have the best content, no matter who produces it, so moving forward, our shared clients can leverage dynamic and agile Udemy Business content directly alongside Skillsoft learning experiences. Now learners can more effectively acquire new skills and further develop their existing ones all in a single platform.

IT decision-makers worldwide still struggle with the skills gap

While our learning philosophy is a driving force behind what content gets added to Skillsoft, it’s not the only factor; there’s still a massive IT skills gap to contend with. Organizations worldwide have found staffing success by investing in the people they already have. Upskilling and reskilling are proving to be the differentiators businesses need to remain competitive in the face of ever-evolving technological advancements. Udemy's 2023 Learning Trends Report documented, "Total learning hours of technical skills increased 49% over the last year on Udemy Business." In the past few years, we've seen evolutionary leaps in cloud sharing, communications, and AI technology, but with that advancement comes an increase in data insecurity.

In fact, Skillsoft’s IT Skills and Salary Report found that 76% of IT decision-makers are missing critical skills throughout their teams. Protecting your data is important, and only employees with top-notch IT skills can help keep your data secure. Recruiting can get expensive, and it can be a gamble if the new employee turns out to be the wrong fit for the organization. Therefore, we often stress how important it is to build a talent pool from within because IT skill shortages aren’t just going to go away; a recent prediction from IDC states that IT skills shortages will affect 90% of organizations by 2025.

The only way to meaningfully reskill employees is by providing robust training and resources that drive proficiency. Many technology professionals are experiential learners, so for training to resonate with them, they require a combination of traditional and hands-on learning activities. At Skillsoft, we have real-world practice labs and sandbox environments where learners can put their skills to the test in realistic scenarios — and fresh and diverse content on the Udemy Business platform helps users hone those skills even further.

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Benefits of Udemy Business Turnkey Technical Integration

Udemy Business content is now accessible through search, browsing, recommendations, assignments, and notifications. Curating Udemy Business and Skillsoft content into custom learning paths is easier than ever.

The addition of Udemy Business to Skillsoft integrates an impressive amount of integral business and technology content taught by real-world experts. Organizations can already create custom Aspire Journeys, and now they are even more capable of ensuring individuals master the strategic technical skills they need to succeed. The combined, centralized experience delivers all Skillsoft and Udemy Business content in one place to help organizations holistically attain the in-depth competencies they need to close critical skills gaps.

Unite Skillsoft Percipio’s on-demand, interactive, and live learning experiences with thousands of curated and up-to-date courses from Udemy Business to build dynamic learning paths totally aligned with the strategic goals of your business.

Here are some of the expanded benefits you’ll see from this turnkey integration:

  • A centralized repository for Skillsoft and Udemy Business content so employees can conveniently learn in the flow of their daily work and lives.
  • Multiple content sources for a more engaging, personalized experience for each learner
  • Seamless search and discovery of Udemy Business content in Skillsoft Percipio
  • Leverage Udemy Business content to design and assign customized learning journeys
  • Enable managers to track the completion of Udemy Business content assets in the Skillsoft Percipio reporting suite to better support their learners’ growth

Allow your workforce to take Udemy Business content on the go with the Skillsoft Percipio mobile app