Build Your Cloud Tech Skills Through Skillsoft’s New Microsoft Learning Collection

May 26, 2022 | Reskill Your Workforce | 8 min read

Today, companies in every industry, in every geography, and of every size have come to rely on technology to drive their growth strategies. Meanwhile, the cloud has become the beating heart of all digital operations. Not only does it bring benefits such as improved collaboration for remote and hybrid teams, it also offers new ways of serving customers, opens new market opportunities, and streamlines processes. While widespread cloud adoption was happening well before the pandemic, the last two years have accelerated it at an unprecedented rate. And with this has come a sudden and significant mismatch between the ubiquity of need for cloud and scarcity of talent and skilled professionals.

For employees and organizations who are less tech- and cloud-savvy, having to jump in with both feet can be daunting and frustrating, especially when they don’t have the baseline skills solidified. Recent Skillsoft research found that the skills gap impact includes increased stress on employees (55%), more difficulty meeting quality objectives (42%), increased project duration (35%), decreased innovation (24%), and increased operating costs (23%). With a third of IT-decision makers stating that their organization hasn’t invested enough resources in skills training and development and a fifth saying what they do have in place simply isn’t effective, a solution is needed.

The next level of skill building for Microsoft services is here.

At Skillsoft, we’re laser focused on helping employees build skills that they feel confident applying in the workplace, and in-turn, empowering organizations to fill talent gaps. We provide learners with access to tools needed to be successful in acquiring, retaining, and applying the most in-demand skills and knowledge via exceptional instruction, quality courses, hands-on practice labs, assessments, and timely material, all delivered conveniently in learners’ natural flow of work.

Recent Skillsoft research found that for the second consecutive year, Microsoft holds the number one position in the top 10 areas of interest and focus for IT departments. With that, we’re doubling down on providing more ways to learn skills and proficiencies for Microsoft products and its cloud solutions. And of course, this includes acquiring certifications for those hyper-critical Microsoft certifications ranging from Managing Modern Desktops to Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

As Microsoft’s largest global training partner, we’re proud to launch our new “Elite Total Access Collection for Microsoft,” providing access to authorized content and labs to address fundamental and new Microsoft cloud-based capabilities and applications. Through this, we are:

  • Reducing the complexity of managing skilling programs for teams.
    Learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. For leaders who are responsible for organizational skilling programs, functional team skills, and enabling individual learning goals, Skillsoft’s new “Elite Total Access Collection for Microsoft” provides access to a variety of learning experiences suitable for various needs across teams. It also delivers dependable skills outcomes that are highly scalable (and reportable) without the burden of having to stitch together training resources from multiple sources.
  • Connecting learners with experts to guide their Microsoft upskilling journeys.
    Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) classes aid the learning process by providing an interactive learning experience alongside a small cohort of peers and an expert instructor. Our on-demand library comprises more than 5,000 titles and learners can access more than 500 challenge labs and 120 Microsoft classes spanning Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Security, and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Providing access to on-premise technology courses.
    Recognizing that many organizations continue to rely on Microsoft’s heritage, on-premise technologies, Skillsoft will continue to offer 17 related courses.
  • Reinforcing training to drive on the job skills application.
    Class recordings are available post-course so students can go back and review materials. Additionally, this collection includes one year of access to labs after the last day of classes, deep on-demand course library, and access to more than 7,500 books.
  • Making it easy to get recognized for new skills that have been learned.
    Certification-oriented courses include a free exam voucher (up to $165 value).

“Cloud and technology skills remain in short supply at every level. Meanwhile, organizations are increasingly relying on the cloud to innovate and maintain a competitive edge. As a result, there is significant demand for tech proficient professionals that are able to apply concepts and principles in real-world scenarios,” said Geoff Hirsch, Partner Channel Lead in Microsoft Worldwide Learning. “Skillsoft’s new content collection is a valuable way for learners to gain access to a comprehensive collection of Microsoft training to build in-demand and durable skills across Azure, Microsoft 365, and more. We’re proud to collaborate with Skillsoft as we address and close enterprise skills gaps together.”

We’ve received strong, positive feedback from learners who have attended Microsoft classes including:

  • “I learned a significant amount and gained valuable insight into scripting with PowerShell. I now know some of the best practices and official standards.”
  • “The instructor was very knowledgeable about the material covered and helped with answering and relating it to real-world scenarios.”
  • “I was impressed by the ease of access to the lab environment and the resources to complete the labs and check our work. I have not seen this level of resources in an online class before and it was very useful.”

Sharp skills and experience are a must in every enterprise team. To enable technologists across multiple teams, learning leaders need enterprise-grade solutions that scale to fit the shape of the organization. To develop mastery, learners need the ability to absorb, discuss, practice, and contextualize concepts to address the specifics of their environment. Skillsoft is bringing these elements to the enterprise.

We’re excited about the new content and look forward to helping organizations develop necessary tech and cloud skills required to drive business impact. To learn more about “Elite Total Access Collection for Microsoft” and get started today, visit here.

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