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September 23, 2021 | Activate Learning | 2 min read

Skillsoft commits to supporting women affected by the Pink Pandemic. Will you join us?

COVID-19 has upended the lives of virtually every person in each corner of the world. But startling data shows us that the health crisis has disproportionately affected women. McKinsey reports women account for 39% of global employment, but they suffered 54% of job losses worldwide. According to the International Labor Organization, between 2019 and 2020, 4.2 percent of women’s employment was eliminated as a result of the pandemic – a loss of 54 million jobs.

We simply can’t ignore these startling facts. At Skillsoft, we believe the power of learning can help women reskill and reenter the workforce. Learning offers valuable tools to help lift women up, rebound, and regain influence, power, and capital.

Access your complimentary copy of The Pink Pandemic: A Recovery Plan for Women

We’d like to introduce you to a Pink Pandemic warrior, Ellevate Network, who is leaning on 20 years of experience to help women thrive in even this most difficult time. Ellevate Network is the largest community of women+ at work, committed to fostering and promoting gender equality in the workplace. In 2020, they launched the EllevateHer Forward Fellowship Program to accelerate women’s return to the workplace. We’re particularly drawn to help because learning is one of the foundational principles of the EllevateHer Forward Fellowship Program. We’re honored to be sponsoring the 2022 program where 250 women will benefit from a broad network, mentoring, and complimentary access to everything Percipio offers.

We hope you will join us on our quest to mitigate the impact of the Pink Pandemic. As women return to the workforce, it's our collective responsibility to build new pathways to a more equitable future for us all.

You can help by:

  • Providing tools for women to grow skills for the most in-demand opportunities,
  • Building the power skills of resilience, agility, and empathy,
  • Acquiring the insight and emotional intelligence to actively listen, and become an effective change agent,
  • And, investing in resources for acquiring, developing, and advancing women in the workplace.

Get Inspired with our newest Aspire Journey. Forging new paths: Women’s advancement in life and work.

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